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Hey thank you for allowing for scaling up! It's way easier to play now. I also like the persistent score so it feels like progress is being made even after you lose all your lives. c:

fun! dunno why chrome hates twine so much, but ended up having to download the webpage to play it

!!!! exciting!

mouse controls were definitely easier to work with than the keyboard! not sure how i beat the game, but i got there eventually c:

mark mark mark!! c: 

this was fun!

pretty neat!

super neat! it didnt occur to me til a later level that i could move through my own tail if i was a different color, but like that makes sense now that i think about it. fun puzzle game thank you c:


ok this one took me a WHILE but it was a fun puzzle thank you

this was so cute ;.;

oh really neat! i kinda wish i could go a little faster, but the slow pace sort of feels right anyway for the story. like a slow exploration

really fun!! especially for a 48 hr game. i tend to play with the sound off so i honestly barely noticed there was no audio c

I think it only happened once per level, but it did happen every level. The only thing I can think of is I was usually reading longer bits of text on the screen, like the flavor text for monsters.

Thanks for working on this by the way!

I got a  blue screen error when I went to check my achievements. Wild, alright. Here it is:


gamestates/gamestats.lua:163: bad argument #1 to 'sub' (string expected, got boolean)


[C]: in function 'sub'
gamestates/gamestats.lua:163: in function 'switch'
gamestates/menu.lua:197: in function 'keypressed'
gamestates/menu.lua:232: in function 'mousepressed'
main.lua:126: in function <main.lua:125>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

(1 edit)

Yep! And went straight to desktop.

No error save files either, sorry. :( Just my save from before it crashed. I'll send that one via email cuz there's no option to attach a text file here.

Edit: I do wanna say though I really like the game!

It doesn't look like any crash logs saved. Or if they did, they expired? (If that's something that happens.) If it crashes again, I'll check for them right away though.

The game has crashed twice now at different points in the game, both on the first level. I don't remember the first crash, but the second was in the mausoleum.

Settings (other than defaults)

  • Music off
  • Plain text on sidebar
  • Tutorial messages on

The first time it crashed, I also had smooth camera turned off, but turned it on in case that was the issue. I lasted longer at least?

aww this was cute!!

Unable to get the rover back into the probe.

Hi, I just got to Earth and my probe landed right in front of a city. It won't let me access the probe, because pressing "enter" just makes me enter the city.

Oh, man, I can already see myself playing this for hours. I do agree with Ikasama below, though on the numbers thing. Also it can be pretty small on a 64-bit computer, and it doesn't increase in size when you maximize the screen.

Overall, though? I love it. c:

Sure thing!

And I'll check back in on the game later then, cuz I really am interested in it. c:

Hi! This seems like a really cool idea! But the UI is so small, I can't read anything or tell what I'm clicking. And when I tried to start something in the main game instead of the tutorial, the program crashed. :c (Windows version)

hi this is so pretty




heck this game was fun & just a little frustrating i love it