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lol very fun, very silly. not being able to walk backwards took a bit to get used to, but still fun biting houses and burning wells. :)

oh man im SO excited to play this o:

I love them

I have no idea what I'm doing!

(Suggestion though: a volume setting?)

this is very cute and lovely, and i love everyones pumpkins. something about the game is making me motion sick, though, even with all the visual effects turned off :( but otherwise!!! i love it


GOD that last level killed me


i did it! :D


Very cute! Love all the different kinds of plants. I think if you were to work on this again later, consider adding a UI indicator for how much you've upgraded water, soil, and speed. I just personally think it's fun to see the numbers go up.

Hey, y'all did pretty well, even it's unfinished! The movement is nice, the camera doesn't make me motion sick (and I'm a little prone to motion sickness), and the otter's animations are nice. Love this funky little otter. I like the music, too. It has that chill vibe Stardew Valley or Minecraft has.


thank you!!

Nifty little interactive fiction. I'm kinda sad now? But thank you for sharing this.

I think that's when the game starts. Since your character is dead.

I like it! It's a cute little puzzle game and fun to play. If you continue working on this, I'd suggest a colorblind mode! (And for the non-colorblind mode, the orange in the levels is very similar to the red and doesn't really match the yellow in the selection UI.)

The art is really cute. It's neat that the eyeball enemies stop firing if you hit them. I liked it.

If there were some heart pickups (for restoration, not just the dragon wings) that'd be cool. Maybe different room layouts?

I love the player character (it breathes!), and whether you made the music or not, it was a good choice for the overall feeling of the game.

If you keep working on this, I'd suggest changing the moving platforms so that they only start moving once the player has reached a certain place in the world. It wouldn't be a huge deal, but it breaks up the flow of the story when you have to wait a while for the platform to come back because you just missed it.

Neat! I like the little upgrade system. And while it took me a little bit to understand what was happening, I was able to figure it out without instructions, so that's cool. Ended up getting to green before I ran into my tail.

I think the board is really big to be so empty. Some obstacles could break it up a little and give the player more to dodge while trying to get the dots.

I don't super understand, but I love my angry tamagotchi anyway

I like the little minigames! It's a little hard to see what you're doing in the pipe game since the background color is so similar, but I still enjoyed it. c:

Hey, that's alright.  And I get you on the jumping; I had a lot of trouble with that too. It's deceptively complicated.

Relit community · Created a new topic Lovely!

I like this a lot! The art and music was nice, and the gameplay was fun. c:

It's nice!! I like that you can jump on the carrots. The carrots also had a very satisfying sound effect. c:

Oh, this is SO cute. Interesting that mushrooms grow in a backwards cycle. I guess that means they're actually decaying? Nifty.

I like the story and the visuals! (Though -- the art for the player character doesn't seem to match the NPCs? Not a huge deal though.) I liked that I was able to get behind enemies to attack them more efficiently, and the animations were all very nice.

It isn't strictly necessary, but it's a little strange playing a sidescroller without a jump button. And the UI on my screen didn't seem to be in the right place; the health bar was an inch or so away from the left and bottom edges, and the dialogue box ended up underneath that.

It's very cute! I agree with trainarmadillo88--couldn't get onto some platforms because I kept hitting my head on others. (Also the music only comes through in one ear, but the sound effects are fine.)

Very difficult! Wasn't able to complete the level, but I like the idea of it. c:

This is so lovely omg

Very nice visuals and music! It's like a mini DDR. But I wish it wasn't considered a defeat if your opponent has less HP than you at the end of a track. :c

(Then again, I don't have great reaction times, so take that with a grain of salt. c: )

Congrats on graduating, that's exciting!

I like this little shooter. The UI would be the most helpful part to work on, I think. If nothing else, a score to give a sense of progression. c:

Completely understand, no worries!

I was only able to get into the garage area, but this is a neat idea. The mouse sensitivity is kind of high, so it's hard to look around accurately.

(I know in your post mortem you said y'all couldn't use the perfect solution for feedback on if something was melting or not. But even if the object glowed when you shot at it, it'd be a little easier to know if you were even shooting something that could be melted.)

Oh, okay, this took me a bit to figure out. Very neat! I like this idea a lot.


- Some explanation for the controls would be helpful. I didn't realize at first that clicking switched between worlds. (Though now that I've done that, I think I remember seeing you post progress on this in the Discord!)

- Maybe make it more clear where switching worlds could be helpful. And similarly, don't let the player fall into the void at the beginning of the level. That's where players want to try out the basic movement/mechanics, so generally the first part of a level will feel relatively safe.

EXTREMELY cute. You should be proud of it, I had a lot of fun! Loved having to figure out which lamp to turn off last so I'll actually make it to the door.

Oh, I see! I'm American and we really don't have $2 currency. (We technically do, but it's rare to see it.)