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what exactly causes a strike? sometimes i can not quite perfect a level and not get one, othertimes like the balancing one i might only be 1 off and i get a strike

any hints?

Always check back every week to see if this has been updated yet :'

Could do with the circle at the side of each puzzle on the drop downs being colored in if you have completed the puzzle :)

Seems very unforgiving since the new update, like the new changes though :)

fun, could do with being able to mark a square with an X or something if you know it cant be black :)

it seemingly just does it randomly, im playing the web version if that makes any difference, pressing F12 does nothing :(

Keep getting random crashes since the new update :( just completely locks out and have to refresh page which loses all progress :

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply :)

I can have say 20 armor, against an enemy with 6 attack, yet i still get hit? How does the armor mechanic work?

WHen you break through the first cake, the game crashes at the unlock screen after :(

Very engaging game...could do with a bigger play area as scrolling in game scrolls the web page when played in browser and sometimes dragging to scroll will accidentally click items :)

what an absolute gem of a game :)

Need something on the upgrades to determine wether you have already bought them or not, like a different color :)

Hook1 is sooo difficult, landing on the little dots >_< been at it for days