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nah I saw the 17 and I know theres not 17 months, it's not due to me being american it's me being dumb & highly dyslexic xp

Oh yesterday was Aranciones Birthday! Happy birthday lol

Ugly holiday sweater Spencer is something I never knew I needed but god am I glad it exists because that is one hilarious image

Ah, haven't a clue how to help with that I'm afraid :<

Idk but I've spent like 6? Maybe 7 hours reading it? 

I'd say it's very much worth it tho

Super fuckin hot and super hard lol, I've spent over 2 and a half hours on this where as I spent like 10 minutes on the watermelon game lol, good job!

By any chance is there a way to corrupt Abel, if not will there be?

Woo woo!!

Excited for it lol

...honestly I'd say you can tell this game is really good quality just from the title menu alone and that holds true for the rest of the game too!

Also dunno what's up with the ??? Person at the start but I think their lil animation is my fav so far lol, I've also accidentally called them mildred when I first saw them and I've just been using that to refer to them each time I joke about them since lmao (if and when we find out their name will I still call them mildred? Prob lol)

...that one piece of dialogue from kim right? 

I thought that was just a phrase? and/or attempt at a phrase?

ohhhh okie doke ^w^

Also thanks for the speedy reply lol

I dunno how to make something blurry with the spoiler stuff so i'll hide my question under this long pause...

(pretty sure the thing i'm curious about is 1.7.5 stuff but i'm not sure hence the precautions lol)

curious about masque, specifically his sprites i guess?

Playin rn and he looks all draconic 

And like i don't remember him looking like this when i last played like an update or two ago, so i'm left wondering if this is just his new design or if it changes on route depending on who you romance or something like that????

It might not have changed and i'm just horribly misremembering but i'm pretty sure he was different...

Ngl missed it when i played the first update but yeah lol

(lowkey that plus a few other things makes me think this is gonna end up as some kind of death game o.o)

Hehehehehehehe can't wait to play it!

Y'know i never thought i'd ever love hisuian braviary huh, don't got anythin against braviary hisuian or unovan jus kinda meh on em but this is fantastic lol

Ngl went in thinking it'd be a fun vn but not much else, holy dam have you proven me wrong this is def a fav lol

Great Art, Great Writing, Great Music

Can't wait till the next update in a couple days lol ^w^

(also where did the music come from? It's really good and kinda wanna put it in a playlist lmao)

ah oops atleast i didnt say who killed who.. Also good to know thanks ^w^

Nope, i dont remember the specifics as its 3am and i have no relation to this project but i do remember that the dev is indeed still working on it

..i reckon you could consider the dude who literally killed a guy for little reason insane 

Love how i found this series mostly on youtube by trying to find furry games on lol

(can't play this cause i don't got a computer but loved the videos on youtube ^w^ it was kinda trippy and really really cool!)

i'd be so sad omg..

No it doesnt and currently its very small but it's def worth playing and keeping up with once it eventually does get updated

ahhhhh... I feel dumb now lol

how do you give pupperino treats exactly? Lol

this is really cute and for a fairly simple concept really fun to play

I got 32 nyhehehe

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This is another vn where ive developed a crush on all the love interests x.x

Tbh the sprite art, characters, and current plot have been my favourites

They might also be a crow seeking revenge on the ravens you never know

When i wrote that yeah! :)

I jus wanna say this is 27th on top rated for the android tag out of about 5,000 so congrats

How dare u defy our lord and savor 


Plz dont kill meh

Omg its actually real XD

To be fair most people are asian

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for a sec i read this and for some reason thought sid and sidney where two different people...i think im tired Xp...yeah i forgot im and had to edit it...


A shame if it is cause both games where great