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I should've said this but I turned the sensitivity all the way up and it still wasn't enough.

Controls are slippery and sensitivity is too low. Otherwise it's decent.

Hey, I literally just found you in this comment section out of a coincidence. You asked about GeForce Now. Anyway cool coincidence.

Not to mention it costs $100.

meets free

I'm not sure. If you couldn't find it, it probably isn't there. You can download it on pc though.

This game if you don't like Reigns.

The gif is scared of my cursor.

I trust you.

I just realized an error in my post, I meant to say GeForce Now. I found a thread that states that apple is opposed to allowing this because they want to promote their exclusive gaming service. It is a little outdated, but you can check if you want. If you have any type of pc that also works. It's a service where no matter what the hardware, it streams the game to you and you stream the input back to the host server.

I just finished this game and was pretty disappointed that I didn't get to do a grand boss fight, but I understand why I couldn't and am fine with the decision not to include it in the demo. I love how every time you die you switch knights, and the graphics are really nice. It felt like playing a classic medieval tale with a modern twist, which I really liked. I can't wait for this game to release on steam, and will be waiting until then.

I love the originality in this game! It's so unique!

If you're a mobile gamer, get geforce experience. It's FREE

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Updates

Will the version of this game be receiving any updates?

This game is underwhelming. With such great comments, I really expected more. I thought there would be something more fulfilling and grand, but I was met with a glider. The game is good, but not as good as everyone makes it seem. All you can do with the glider is explore the barren landscape until you reach the end. Maybe it's an existential metaphor, but the game isn't great.

I agree

I guess not. Another bald protagonist.

Another bald protagonist?

All I had to do was look to know it was sokpop. I love their original style.

There should be a lock on system like in Dark Souls, and also I think a joust fight would be interesting and unique as far as modern medieval games go. Jousting is like a relatively untapped idea in video games and adding it would be interesting.

In December they posted on twitter that it would be delayed for a while for various reasons.