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These people that are so stupid that theey cant see that there is a "No thanks just take me to the download" button...

You can give your ip address to your friend and he/she has to add it as a server. Example: Normally you would do: or other server addresses. but instead of you write the ip address. You have to host the game and your friend can join you. I hope i could help!

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This is a really cool game! I'm playing it for a long time now and started modding it, but i have an issue. I'm making a mod that makes the whole game much harder. I tried to change the techtree but it just duplicated the items…. i did research:conveyor

it worked but it was after the conveyor and at its original place. Could you help me or (if it is one) fix the bug?

Very good game!

I hope that more cool updates will come and keep the good work up!

Thank you for making this game(and reading this)!!