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Hey everybody! The jam is starting soon and i would like to formally wish you all luck! If you havent joined the discord already please do so, the community is awesome! So, in our hours closing into the start of the jam, id like to hope everybody is getting ready accordingly! Once again, join the discord and good luck!


hey can you make a new game? you were my favorite developer and its sad that you havent uploaded in a whil

love this game!

holy cow! this was a good game! I like how you used Environment.UserName to get the users name and really freak them out! im not gonna lie when the beginnning said my name i was genuinely petrified! (until i realized what was going on). Great work! Really good atmosphere! I tip my hat to you good sir! Bravo!

haha! same

same lol

anyone else pumped for this jam? i know i am :)) 

congratulations on winning ludum dare 01!!

Holy crap! this games art was REALLY GOOD. (as a gamedev myself i will say that you have alot to learn when it comes to 3d) but for a first 3d game this is SUPER good. i loved this game so much! i wish you would make it so that the space room had something cool in it! if there was something cool in it, i didnt see it :(. But keep up the good work! i loved this game and i am sure to give you a follow!


the "requirements" to eb a planet, are subjective, and could potentially change in the future. Either way, its a celestial body, ssame way the earth is, so it could in theory be a planet.

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hey, i know this game is supposed to be funny, and ironic, but i genuinely enjoyed this game. the fights were really difficult, but the fact that you respawned quickly made the fights really fun and challenging. i probably spent like an hour or 2 on this game, and i havent beat the ufo yet, only the crab. keep up the work man, this game was really fun and funny. :D

I will say this game was strange, but most certainly not in a bad way. i enjoyed this alot. it was quick. it was artistic in a sense. it made me think about following my dreams and never giving up. This game was simple, but really good. Keep it up!

Dont Listen to the other dude. Hes being a dick. First off let me say that i rather enjoyed this game. It is pretty fun, and has a beautiful map. Now, some things i would suggest. you should figure out what causes running to act so weird. when i was running, it kept running and stopping, very jerky. Also, you should have either increased the time between rounds, or made it so that the zombies dont just die when the time runs out. Although im sure some work went into implementing that feature, it made it so that i was able to easily outrun them. which was fine, because i liked looking at the grass and trees and stuff anyways. Overall, a fine game that i am sure you put a good amount of time into that i rather enjoyed. Happy New Years!

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How did you code the multiplayer lobby? and multiplayer :| Is there anywhere we could talk like discord?