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A very cute game and story. Thank you.

Day 13 seems to be a good game, but I'm confused about how to play this game. Please explain.

WOW! That is a great game. a 10.

I loved it! A 10!

Cool run trough.

Cool game. Fun to play. I give a 10.

Art 10. Story 10. Thanks for making the game.

That was fun. My hand got tired. Thanks for making this game. I give the game a 10.

A very scary game, I give you a 10. Thanks.

Cool game. Music and art are a 10. I like the folk story, it's a 10 also.

Totally cool game.

I was fired! Thanks for making the game. Very fun. a 10 for sure.

Cool game, it was alot of fun. I give it a 10. Thanks for making it.

Great game. I give a 10. Thanks for making it.

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I love the IT Crowd! 

Fun watching you play the game.

Cool game, played it twice.

Story 10, music 10, stress level 10. The game 10.

It made me laugh. Eat that damn pepper!

I liked it! Thanks for making it.

I wonder how it feels to have your house walls made out of bricks. Short game, interesting art, and music. Thanks for making it.

Very interesting concept. The blood pool was cool. Thanks for making the game.

Loved the art and music. Thanks for making this.

Beautiful art, and music. Thank you.

That was short, but the message was clear, thanks for sharing and making this game.

That was scary. Thanks for making it.

What? A vampire? That was the disease? Thanks for making this video game.

Very interesting. I don't hear anything more about me too movement.  Thanks for making it.

WOW! What a game! I love it! Thanks for making it.

My heart was pounding. I thought I was going to die. Loved it, I'll add it to steam. Thank you


What a game. It took me a while to get thru all the endings.  Awesome game, thanks for making it.

The story is beautiful, and so is the art. thank you for making it.

I got it! Thanks for the video. And making the game.

Good game, but I couldn't find the other endings.

scary, monkey music from the wizard of oz.

Does anybody know what kind of art style this is?