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Gatorade man

A member registered Aug 31, 2020

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 Your kind person and you're lovely keep up the amazing work and I hope to see what you make next I hope your game does great success keep up the amazing work I love to see what you making next see you when I see you thank you for making great game I hope you have nothing but happiness I know your game is going to be great cuz you're a good person bye

Thank you for the help I got everything back thank you keep up the good work and I would love to see what you do with your game keep up the amazing work PS you make great games and no one let no one tell you different you're a great person thank you for helping

I tried to buy your game and it will not let me buy it and it took money out will I get my money back sorry to bother you this way but I tried to get a refund and it won't let me get one cuz I did not purchase the game so if you could help in any way that would be lovely I am sorry to bother you with this

Keep up the amazing work and always strive forward I would love to see what you make next for this game or your next project I love your work and you're an awesome creator I love to see what you make next I love your game keep up the amazing work Buddy

Do you ever think you'll make this for Android cuz the one in the browser works lovely on both my cell phones just asking keep up the good work you have a great game

Do you think you'll make an Android port for your game or Linux I'm just asking and curious keep up the good work with your game looks great

Do you think you'll ever Port your game to Android or Linux just asking keep up the

That's a suggestion keep up the good work

Minot this tell everybody to say yes or no and tell you how many people say yes and how many people say no do it that way

Will you ever make one with anime girls that's a suggestion sorry to bother you keep up the good work

Could someone show me a picture of this music volume thing in the options Androidversion cuz I can't find it anywhere I can't find the controls for any of the sound might just be my copy of my device I don't know

Will you ever make a version for Android keep up the good work

Oh okay thank you and keep up the good work dumb question would you ever have a game that is translated into English just asking just curious keep up the good work with your games

hey what happened to all your guy's new games just curious

thank you for replying to me and have a great rest of your day

Hey I beat the game there was no ending is that supposed to be that way did I not do something

How do you get the Android version to work I have a rebel 5 and is not working

There's a different ways you can format it to APK I don't know of them myself but keep up the good work and I hope the best on your next game

Will you ever make this for phone sorry if I am bothering you and this question has been asked I apologize

Great game keep up the good work what do you see yourself doing with the game at this point what exactly are you thinking of putting in it sorry if this seems obtrusive just asking keep up the good work

Is anyone here on this message board the music is really really loud if anyone knows how to lower it that be lovely I can't play it cuz the music is so loud

Will you be making any other games I love this game it's really cool keep up the good work

The puzzles where you have to drag the ball or being unresponsive on my Android devices what do I do to help that issue

hey what happened with all your new games are gone did you have to get rid of them or something

Prefer to be called I am sorry for how I acted because I was treated in a way I do not like that does not mean I had the right to raise my voice towards you I hope nothing but happiness for your game and to be the first person to buy when you do make it for sale eventually when you do finish it I hope you're nothing but happiness with your endeavor I apologize I was just talked to her someone talk towards me rudely and I snapped and I have I shouldn't have I apologize I thought they were you but they are not I am sorry but me saying who they are and me doing things like that would not be a good person I apologize for making you feel bad I hope you're nothing but happiness with your game the one thing I have to ask is with your game what is with the size issue cuz the characters that should have big weiners have small winners and the characters that got small weiners got big winners what's what's that this is curious but again I apologize I should not have acted like that I am so sorry I really am you do not have to respond to this I understand totally this was 100% my fault I take the blame for everything I am so sorry this was just some big misunderstanding I did not want to make you feel bad see you around

I'm sending you a picture of whose account send me that message it is now been deleted or I guess report it or whatever cuz there's two people who messaged me and I thought they were you I apologize for being rude I didn't know that day we're not you

sorry that I came off assistant I hope you nothing but happiness with your Endeavor in this game I apologize for being rude the software on my computer went nuts and it missed spoke the first time I was just correcting it I apologize if I came off as I was saying it twice hope you guys have a good launch of your game and everything see you later

Hey sorry to send another message but your game was glitching and I'm running lesson you go old version of Android so yeah here's the screenshot of it

Hope everything goes good with your game when you eventually release the new update for Android keep up the great work with your games you make good stuff

Is anyone who buys this game to Toby how to load music that beloved please I don't think they're coming back I think the page is dead

Hey here you go I found the name of the website there's another one too but I don't know if it's actually you were not it's called ninja games it says it's the latest copy whatever this is there's website name

No but I can get you the name I just don't want you getting in trouble the website has your game and a bunch of other people from here's games and I don't know what they're doing but it says it has your game it's the full one and it has a lot of glitches and bugs and stuff I don't know if that's for certain what broke the phone cuz it was old keep up your amazing good work I just don't want you getting in trouble cuz the website is saying it made it you know I just want you to keep safe hope to see more from you in the future sorry if I was bothering you

Take all the time you need with making the even new game or whatever it's going to be for this cuz that it's going to be the best game ever cuz you guys make great quality content and I love how to game is now it's going to be even better when you put everything you want into it and as soon as you release it I'm going to be the first person to play it take all the time you want you guys need all the time you can for whatever your new game is you're making and this one and then you have a projects this might take a year it might take a month to make I you know we can wait I would love to see what you make next cuz this is an awesome game I would love to see what new stuff you make keep up the great work you're great developers also I just wanted to give you guys a heads up there is a website saying better to makers of your games and they got a lot of your games under different names and they make it for Android and if you download it me and my friend had an old phone we downloaded the game and it broke the phone also the website has a lot of stuff on it we just don't want you getting in trouble

Hey the Android version is not workingI don't my tablet or what also there is a website saying they have your game and they're the ones who made it it's under a different name but it's it's your game I didn't know if you wanted to be told about it

Does anyone here know how to lower the music because it is so loud that I can't hear anything the characters are saying I don't know if it's cuz I'm using the Android version or not but if anybody could help me that would be so appreciated

Hey is there any way to lower the music in your game it's very loud and interrupting your characters from speaking I could barely hear everybody I'm working off Android if that makes a difference to the volume of the music or anything just curious if there was a way to lower it