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I just created one:) feel free to join

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So do we have discord or some other place to chat?:D

If not, i created one :D

Place to show ur progress and chat with fellow jammers!:) Fell free to join

Nah couple hrs more to go :D don't worry

Thanks for comment! You must destroy the portals to prevent zombies from spawning:D

Thanks for feedback :D Agree and im planning on changing controls for arrows and X , Z :D

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Nice prototype! You should add help or how to play section :D Good job

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Cool idea for game! Good controls i hope to see full game!:D You should add high score!

Good prototype! I see potential:D Good job

Nice prototype! You should add arrow pointing enemies or something like that. Overall great job!

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Cool mechanics and great controls! Great job!:) Hope to see full version of this game!

Fun little game. Good work!:D

Woah, nice atmosphere! Cool game great work!:)

Cool design! Its little bit hard to navigate but great job really cool idea!:D

Cool game prototype! Nice atmosphere and there is potential for a full game!:D Great work

Add jump scares to the game :D nice prototype for a game! Good job:)

Nice art! You need add restart button and You can die before You press start :D But overall god job!:)

Nice little game. Font on the first page is hard to read a bit :D But overall great job!

Nice game. Perfect for mobile devices! There is potential for full game!:)

Fun simple game. Great job!

I love the character design! Cool game and potential to make something bigger!

Nice fun game. Good work!

at start yes but after couple seconds it was alright. But imo You should change controls to wsad or all 4 arrows ;)

Fun little game. Good work!:)

Ps. You should add restart lvl button :D

Nice little game. Good work!

Nice movement mechanics! cool game :D 

Nice game & Cool art!:D 


OH Thanks!!:D

Fun little game!:D Nice work

I dont have idea how to propel myself :D im pressing lmb but character wont move a bit:D

2 Hard for me in flappy bird stage :D Good game and great job!

Nice little game, but i don't know what to press to restart :D

Cool little game. Nice work!

Simple little game. Good work!:)

Pretty nice game!:) 

Woah this art is amazing!

Nice little game. I like the character design!:)