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I made it till the end in 03:01 im my second attempt.
Awesome visuals and the car feels great to control.

I would love to hear more impact-full sound effects and see an option for weidos like me, who play Y-axis inverted.

Anyhow, great work. It's really inspirational.

Please add Camera Y axis invert as an option, so I can enjoy your game. Thank you!

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This is a electric gem. Simple yet, styltish with an original and unseen mechanic.

I love the speech bubble mechanics with the different bubble sizes and moving options. Great idea, although I didn't got it right away.

I'm not into adventures these days anymore, this one catched me: I like the setting and the fiction. The graphics are really cool but the camera and animation could get some more love. The soundtrack is superb!

I didn't up up either to the police bot a second time, so the dialog later didn't made that much sense for me.

Great work and cudos to the whole team!

Thank you so much for this game, I loved it <3 But now I want a FEZ 2 :/