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For a " Smash or Pass" game, the female characters could look a little sexier haha! Still, the game concept is interesting.

Short but creepy game. I'm a huge fan of Junji Ito and his "Tomie" series. This game does justice to Ito ... even the game's name sound Ito-esque! As for the Silent Hill references, they were well-tailored and didn't feel out of place.

Interesting game. It was fun for a couple minutes ... Can you beat this game or at least get a "game over" ending?

Cool ... I'll have to uncover it. Keep up the good work!

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Great game! I like how this game allows players to customize the girl's looks and her relationship to you (related by blood or marriage). I also like the mini-game where you must open the bathroom door slowly to spy on your sister in the shower. Looking forward to the final version!

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Interesting game. I like its bleak black-and-white comic book. Thumbs up for quoting Haruki Murakami! The game control was a bit jerky and took some getting used to.

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Groovy game! Making love is like making music.

I love the alpha version of this game already! Good artwork. The kitchen whiteboard doodles made me laugh. Look forward to the game's full version. Oh, here's a short gameplay video with music added.

You are welcome! Thanks for making this game!

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Panties are soft, but this game is hard! It's a fun, challenging platformer game haha!

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This looks promising. Please add more people and accessible locations to the motel. Here's my gameplay video.

Good game. I'd love to play similar games with other holiday themes, like Thanksgiving or Halloween!

Good game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Please make more!