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An interesting game ... But why am I cleaning up someone else's apartment? Mine is a mess as it is! By the way, is there an ending to this game?

Haha ... It's good training!

Dope game, my man! It's fun to play. But I swear, the gameplay is much harder than in real life haha!

Excellent work, my man! Love the game and the random events. Using ramen as the game currency was a great touch. Keep up the good work!

Nice little Twine story! Look forward to reading (and seeing) more of Abby and Sophia.

Nice visual novel game! It'd be great if the game offers choices for the player to make, though. Still, I enjoyed it!

Demo looks promising! Look forward to the complete game. One suggestion: It'd be awesome if you can implement some animations, even if it's as basic as something like a GIF file.

I like the pixel art and music, and the dystopian backstory. However, the game ends abruptly. I had expected to see an ending scene depending on my in-game choices. Look forward to seeing more of your games!

Great game, y'all! Happy Thanksgiving and hope this doesn't happen at your family dinner!!

This game is awesome! I love the concept of a raccoon who makes a living by summoning dead shapes .. and hates his job. Great dialogue and retro graphics. Here's the first part of my playthrough.

Cool game. I love the feeling of deciding who goes to heaven or to hell! Very addictive gameplay!

Good game. I like the "Rashomon" gameplay where you the two people's very different perspectives.  Love the pixel art and the music, too!

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

I played Rankr a second time and found myself a freaky girl! This game has me hooked! Too fun!

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Great game! The atmosphere was eerie. Having to return to the same hallway again and again didn't get old. Rather,  it made me think, "Oh man something bad's about to  happen!" My game crashed when I was inside a room with the portrait. Wasn't sure if it was a bug. Overall, good job Youtouch!

I'll have to stop that guy! He's interrupting me as I try to chat up the ladies haha!

This is an excellent game. The chats feel realistic. I played it twice, and the two females feel and speak with distinct personalities. The UI adds to the realism, too. Look forward to the final version! PS: Who the heck is Alex the Che Guevara fanboy? Why is he texting me?!

Zephyo, I rarely react emotionally to games, but the protagonist's fixation with the other character got under my skin. Some relationships are transient, but people can brood over them for years. I love the graphics and especially the music -- it's dark, moody and unsettling. Look forward to more of your games!

You are welcome! Thanks again for making the game!

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Wow this game is awesome! Really old school and brings me back to the Macintosh days. Love the music and the weird happenings. I'm still wondering who the pianist lady in the elevator might be. Look forward to your next games ahintoflime!

Excellent game! It sent a shiver up my spine, just like the Twilight Zone TV series! I love the old-school graphics and point-and-click interface. Looking forward to the next episodes!

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Great game! Creepy and sad at the same time. Can you please please make a sequel?

Good retro game. Brings me back to the days of dial-up modem and trading pics of naked women on 3.5" floppy disks with my classmates!

For a " Smash or Pass" game, the female characters could look a little sexier haha! Still, the game concept is interesting.

Short but creepy game. I'm a huge fan of Junji Ito and his "Tomie" series. This game does justice to Ito ... even the game's name sound Ito-esque! As for the Silent Hill references, they were well-tailored and didn't feel out of place.

Cool ... I'll have to uncover it. Keep up the good work!

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Great game! I like how this game allows players to customize the girl's looks and her relationship to you (related by blood or marriage). I also like the mini-game where you must open the bathroom door slowly to spy on your sister in the shower. Looking forward to the final version!

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Interesting game. I like its bleak black-and-white comic book. Thumbs up for quoting Haruki Murakami! The game control was a bit jerky and took some getting used to.

I love the alpha version of this game already! Good artwork. The kitchen whiteboard doodles made me laugh. Look forward to the game's full version. Oh, here's a short gameplay video with music added.

You are welcome! Thanks for making this game!

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Panties are soft, but this game is hard! It's a fun, challenging platformer game haha!

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This looks promising. Please add more people and accessible locations to the motel. Here's my gameplay video.

Good game. I'd love to play similar games with other holiday themes, like Thanksgiving or Halloween!

Good game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Please make more!