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Dan Gartman

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thank you, I love fairy tales and it was my aim.

hah thank you. It's good if you have found "deep" message for you :D 

Thank you! 

thank you! I hope I'll finish full project with tales this year. 

hah I will start big project soon. It will be full of the same jokes and tales 

thank you, jokes are my favourite part of the game 

wow, thank you. I will share your blog topic after steam release 

thank you for attention!

Thank you. I can't count exactly. Thank's for reaching me a contest. 

haha thank you. I was enjoying watching your video. This is fairy tale, so you have not to search deep (Well, you understand "deep") meaning :D 

He called me "a nerd" or "Sad sack" many times too! I almost fired him from the title role

thank you! I started to create it for art and puns as well :D As result I've got a story full of sense. Under water magic ;) 

thank you! you made me laugh in some moments (my girlfriend respect you for understanding "ligma" joke :D )

I love your artstyle, idea and way of story tailing! I'm so happy it's not a typical VN with manga and static frames. This is interactive comic or film, I like it a lot.

thank you for your attention! It was really fun to watch your video :D 

thank you! 

I appreciate your visual style and art filling

Good lvldesign ! I hate this 10 level,  but i like it XD

You got 30 minutes of my life :D It was good! Good job. 


AWESOME. Skill power, your graphyc technique is amazing! 

Batlight Runner community · Created a new topic Finally!

I made it and I hope you'll like it.