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This is great! You should definitely keep developing this. The mechanic is really good and it creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Fantastic, brilliant atmosphere and story, really drew me in!

Loved it! Great atmosphere, loved how you built up the tension and introduced new mechanics as you went along. 

That was great! Brilliant pacing and music. A collection of short games, like an anthology of horror short stories, in this style would be amazing.

This was great. You should deffo develop it... different terrain etc. Love the noise when you're bringing up the moos

That was brilliant. Loved it. Great mechanic and great vibe.

They should make this an olympic sport! Lots of fun and the mallet feels properly weighty. Not sure anyone's going to get that custom mallet though!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the game, we're hoping to expand on it after the jam.

I enjoyed this. The character was strange and original, the mechanic of charging past hazards worked well. I also liked following the clue to beat the puzzle.

Nice take on the Out of Control theme. Letting rip with the werewolf feels great.

Yeah, those sheep can be tricky! Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, thanks for the feedback, it's out first time on We built the game on a mac and then exported it for Windows. We tested it on a PC laptop that didn't have Game Maker and it seemed to run okay. That is strange that it booted up your GMS2 . I'll look through the GM documentation and see what I missed. Thanks for sticking with it and playing the game.

Hi, sorry the download was complicated, it's our first time putting something up on The game was made in GM2 on a mac. We'll try and improve the process once the Jam ends and we can update the game.

Strange and charming.

I really enjoyed this. Lots of character. The gameplay loop of taking on the wizards while eating cattle to keep your health up feels really nice. Great art also.

Great atmosphere. I really liked the setup - the minimal graphics and video effects are terrific. I found the gameplay a little frustrating - I appreciate being lost is part of the experience, but it took me ages to find the last pentegram!