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This game is great! I love the story, and I can't wait for chapter 2!

wonderful game, I love the little pixel art flags on the button!


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How do I beat the level where they introduce lazers?

edit: nvm there's a walkthrough

If you shoot while touching the borders, nothing happen

I fell onto the farmer and he started talking... stupid farmer

The sensitivity needs to be turned way down on the controls, that or add more friction

Oh boy did I misread that name

If you switch quickly from one side to the other, yellow will lean it's head but not purple

there are two hairstyles only and one floats two feet above the character's head.

1: I can't find godzilla


I love this game, but just one problem. I can't seem to get an air 360. even when I've clearly done a 360 or even more, it registers as an air 180.

I love this game, it really gives that 1v10 feeling

I didn't expect screaming but that's not stopping my rampage

When there is one crewmate and one imposter in among us, you win. In this, I got ejected. This is a serious inacuracy

this has incredible potential as a rhythm gam

great game, but it would be nice if numbers could switch weapons as well, on mac the trackpad is too sensitive to switch to plasma rifle and shotgun without stopping and concentrating on it.

some of the ai is a little off, and the hitboxes are unfair, but it is an overall good game.

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the controls are too bouncy, but otherwise good game.

I normally hate horror games and jumpscares and stuff are annoying, so holy shit I love this

this game is amazing and has a very insightful take on the meaning of life and predator versus prey.