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oh!! thanks for the reply! i'm very upset i didn't see this a few months ago >~<. you wouldnt believe how close i got to finishing hte level through other tactics xD i played that level for almost an hour straight but in the end i gave up. now i can play again!! <3 <3

i love this game but i've been stuck on one level for 40 minutes xD "Plant crawl vs the Ancient Weapon"... great game tho! <3

i really want to play it, but i'm gonna wait till the female player model is added xD i dont like being a guy in games unless i have to. i want it to be as close to me as possible~

i think i liked it better when you could walk around... xD but hey that's just me. 

lol ikr thanks Namiiiii~ <3

EEEK i'm downloading it right now xD i cannot wait to play this! this series so so so so so amaaaziiing it's my fav game series of all tiiiime! i might be a lil too excided idk xD but these games just mean a lot to me aaah

omg so adorabllle~ after a while of messing around and creating the perfect outfit, i kept pressing the random combination button and what kept coming up made me laugh so hard xD Treat is the best character~ <3

BEST STORY OF ALL TIME AH. xD is it bad if i cried at one point? am i just too emotionally invested in these kinds of games? hehe, probably.. but this was such an amazing game! you did so so so so so so so gooood! keep it uuuup! *runs off to play your other games*