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Why does nobody say child anymore

SlugDisco, could you add a setting into the options so that you can chose if the player wants to have their wood ants spraying acid that collides with the other characters collision bounds. Because i really whanted to try it out but i got the game to late

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hum... I don't know if i would have made a boxing game. Why? Because you get bored, if you play to long. But the dev is planning a lot for his game. Yes but what would i do in the game. Set up a campaign mode to upgrade you character, fight bosses and win levels.  

looks good

very helfull


Keep me updated with the bugs and issues that you might find in the game.

I hope the level editor will soon be done

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The Game Is on the way don't panic, new update could be in a while.

Vr games are not for me