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I loved this a lot and hope to see more like it soon!

Alright! *cracks knuckles* Let's do this!

 This was so good I loved it! They are my new OTP!!

Best game 10/10 would play again

That is good to know

This is really cool!

I will think about i

Will this be a recurring event or only once?

I love everything about the Demo, the soundtrack, the characters, the plot, the voice acting, the art, everything!! I can't wait till the full release comes out!

I just streamed the Demo and I loved it! The Camera was a little slow for my taste but everything else was great!

I absolutly loved this demo and can't wait for more! I still can't decide who my favorite route would be!

*holds a tissue up to my nose and gives a thumbs up* Loved it.

I'm scared to play it I wonder what happens!

same here

It's the least we can do since I really want to buy the game when I can lol. Plus after all the work you guys do, you guys deserve it.

the ending!! It definitly got me and this is one of the few games that can make me squeal! I'm super excited for the next chapter!

WELP I know what I'm doing as soon as I get a bank account and a steady job


I think it would be cute if it would play with a ball if you built one.

I would like to ask a question, is the full game going to be a you have to pay game? I was just wondering.


lol I'm gonna wait till it's done to play more then I'm gonna record it.


this sounds so good!

holy frick the cliffhanger at the end is killing me!!!



I loved this! They are so flipping adorable together! I only wish it was longer! great job!

um are you looking to be paid?

I loved this so much!!!

Here's the first one! 


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I'm so happy! I feel bad since I couldn't contribute but I'm so happy for you guys!



I'd support you anytime!