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Thank you very much for your support (^.^)

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Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out


It's here!!!!

holy crap this was acrtually really good! I had fun playing it :)

I def need to stream this game when I can stream again.

I was so confused.

I played the whole thing so far in 3 hours, I managed to only die once and *cough cough* 6 times with the power of my gut telling me what choices to pick, I'm super excited about future updates keep up the great work!

Thank you for the offer though I appreciate it : )

No thank you

Good job!

:) anytime!

Ah I see My bad

not bad

It was way to big for my screen and didn't even have an option to change the screen size.

It's a file that can't be installed with itch, they probably forgot to export the game and just put the game file here from the engine they used.

That isn't a creepy question to ask at all wow.

while the minigame was pretty good, the sound effects were wierd and the music was way to loud when it was set to default.

Not bad, if you stay dedicated to making games (while also continuing your education of course) I'm sure that you'll become a great game designer if you put your mind to it.

Understandable, it def has potential so I hope you continue working on it.

Pretty decent for what it's supposed to be.

Is there no way to make the game go fullscreen?

Might want to put a seizure warning at the beginning of the game or on the title screen

I just played it all the way through! It took an hour most of which was taken by doing the last puzzle because I misunderstood what had to be done but it was still so good! I really hope the finished game will come out as soon as possible! Thank you for making such a good game!

I agree honestly lol

Awe this comment made my day! unfortunately due to my computer being the big dumb I cannot work on the game until I get a new one until further notice!

I have tons of friends who use unity, I very much doubt that unity needs to be saved though I understand where you're coming from.

using unity doesn't make you a 'real' developer, making a game makes you a developer.

I'm glad!

Sorry I'm late I hope everything is okay!

I played it for a bit, It's very interesting although a bit confusing I like the style, the ambience is very spooky and unerving, Great game.


I loved this a lot and hope to see more like it soon!

Alright! *cracks knuckles* Let's do this!

 This was so good I loved it! They are my new OTP!!