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this sounds so good!

holy frick the cliffhanger at the end is killing me!!!


I'll let the artist know that you like it! Thank you!


I loved this! They are so flipping adorable together! I only wish it was longer! great job!

um are you looking to be paid?

if only it was available on windows

I loved this so much!!!

Here's the first one! 


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I'm so happy! I feel bad since I couldn't contribute but I'm so happy for you guys!



I'd support you anytime!

You're welcome! And I've already got episode 2 published! Thank You so much for making such a great game!

I loved this so much and I can't wait for the full release!

I love it and can't wait for the full release, Also it's super long because it was a lifestream

I can't wait to play more! 


yay! I'll make sure to share it here :) Love you!

oooh another Demo! Is it alright if I record and upload this one too?

this was so fun to play!


I see, thank you for the help. :)

can I livestream or record this?

the mouse sensitivity is a little wonky but it's definitly got potential :)

awesome! I definitly will! let me know if you will want a link to it!

I was wondering if it would be alright if I either recorded this or livestreamed it?

I'd play it but I have a very bad paranoia when it comes to the apocalypse. 

which one voices Kiran? My mom watched the game play videos I uploaded of Secret's untold and she thought he sounded familiar.

I'm glad I enjoyed it too

I played this and Oh my gosh I cried! I love it!

thank you very much! I'm honored!

just in case you wanted to watch it.

I will upload it on Friday

thank you!

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thank you and you're welcome!