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Gard Gasodden

A member registered Jun 29, 2016

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I'm proud that I only died once! It's a really cool game, and I'll probably play through it a second time to see the cards that I didn't see in the first one. I also want to see the second ending.

I'd love to see this idea expanded upon. I'd legit pay for a sequel/longer version of this with even more cards and story. I play some MtG every now and then and in that game I find black to be one of the more interesting colours, so I love that this game is basically just that even though it's pretty different.

I do not agree on the obstacle placement thing. I think some obstacles and stuff are needed to kind of keep you on your toes. Having things while you explore adds to the experience, at least I thing so, but except for that, I more or less agree to everything. Good comment.

It was awesome! After playing this I am super excited for the full release, even more than I was before. It just felt incredible to play, and I loved every second of it! I even played it a second time just to go back and break all the boxes, and I loved it!

I found that you are able to open your inventory on the endscreen, but that's really it when it comes to bugs/overlooked details. It was super exciting to meet Taff, and I can't wait to meet Eo too. The puzzles were fun, I loved the padlock/number puzzle one, and I enjoy the slight randomization of loot and stuff, and can definetly see myself playing the full game multiple times, and I might even play this demo a few more times, to see all the dialogue. Exploring this world is super fun, and looking in all the different rooms, and finding notes, and stuff like that is so fun. 

How long is this game jam, I really want to join, but I can't if it is very short.

This was really enjoyable, and has a really cool art-style! The music is really good too! Good job!

It was awesome! It was kind of short and didn't give a lot of answers, but it was really good. It was funny, it was interesting, but the conclusion was kind of unsatisfying. I really want a bigger, better and longer version, or at least another game. Even though it is just a game jam, you have 20 or 21 days left to make the full thing, so please consider doing that. But what was in the game was great.

What???? It is kind of funny but the only thing I was thinking when I played it was "What?". It has amazing art style, but needs some kind of gameplay.

This game is awesome!!!!!


What do you use to make the voxel models? Cant find a way to open any of the files. I use magica voxel.

Will there ever be mac support?