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So I checked twitter again, but I can't find any link to the soundtrack from harmonicblend. Their website doesn't seem to be working properly, either. is anything happening on your front or is that entirely on them?

Uh, bug report for the Zheng's DNA shop, I guess?

So this only happens if I pick the move "oni chomp", but once I do, it locks out one option on every menu. In this case, I didn't have enough DNA fragments, and it locked out the "no" option, which means that i can't exit this menu without exiting the game.

Thankfully, i have backup saves, but for anyone who's using Zheng's DNA shop, be careful with the "oni chomp" move!

This was really good! thanks for sharing!!!

Could I get a hint too? Thanks!

I'm having trouble tracking down the thieves to get the shadow core in postgame, where specifically in the towns are they? I've tried talking to every NPC but nothing's changed since i first got there.