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This is really good but I am stuck in a sewer and can't figure out how to get out, or re-start the game. Any tips would be helpful.

I also wanna have it where, instead of residing in and then leaving the space, each new agent is additive. The previous agent still lives there, but they've settled in, and aren't making many changes anymore. In this way, the agents will be more in conversation with each other.

I've been thinking of doing one that's a bit like Bucket of Bolts but instead of a spaceship it's a Howl's Moving Castle-type mobile wizard fortress or something.

Is there any way you could format it so the pages could fit a regular piece of printer paper? the way it's currently formatted it's got two regular pages and two weird long pages that contain half of one playbook and half the next.

A really interesting read. Just enough to let you imagine a world, and how it might be played in various systems. I do wish there had been a little more about the tattoos themselves, and exactly the sorts of powers they convey, but what's there certainly gives you a springboard to flesh out your own fiction from the provided text.

Been running this game for my roommates for the past several months. We had been looking for a Forged in the Dark game that was explicitly anticapitalist, and this was exactly what we wanted. Love the tweaks to the original Blades format. Excited to run it for different groups in the future.

Oh wonderful, thank you, I didn't see them there.

Will there be fillable playbook sheets for this at some point?

Don't delete the original version of the game, tho. I did and my save got lost. My bad I guess. Don't mind playing through it again, tho, cuz it's so good.