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garbage man

A member registered Feb 16, 2020

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honestly this is the best online instrument i have ever used! i usually play guitar and sometimes i just want to mess with a sort of electronic sound like the one here but this is much more familiar than a piano to me. it would be interesting to have the ability to move all the notes a half step for wonky ass chords

why was this tagged music production??? not one bit of this game is related to making music

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this fucked with my emotions so much

what do i do the the 100 percent save file??

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there's still the bug with the power, the game seems interesting but the problem is is that I cant turn on the pc, nothing works, I hit E to interact with the power but it didn't do a thing to the pc, another weird thing is that my flashlight powers off whenever I leave the fuse box, I think I would really enjoy this game if it worked, maybe I'm stupid and it has something to do with the esc key but that's just overcomplicated

edit: I watched a playthrough, this is absolute bull dude, it just doesn't work, I don't know what happened to where this is the case but whatever it is it sucks

i found the numbers on the tapes but i cant figure out the symbols