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I do sometimes but it's very random

Thank you very much, turns out I had preg stuff disabled. Enabled now.

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Every waifu is best waifu, damn.

Mina is all for you, working late and bringing home gold and checking all the stuff for you and always leaving little moments of care around.

Marie-Anne is cute, devoted, absolutely adorbs when you claim her and always does something nice.

Heloise gives you Doom Baby, epicness, is immortal waifu and so cute once you start pampering her. Also that moment when she asks how many girls you got preggers and you say its ONLY HER. She really takes it as a honor. (as she should!!!!)

You take Heloise and tell catgirls to bring gold to you later. Then make traps in lair. They'll get caught. Then you let them go, and when this storyline progresses there'll be scene where they actually give gold to you. Its not written yet tho

For some reason can't get my Heloise waifu to be with me!

In act IV I only get to choose between Merchand and Farmgirl.

I picked Spire for a lair, captured Heloise, didn't give her to the mage, she IS listed in Captives and I can visit her, but she's not in options for consorts for some reason. 

If it's not designed that way please look into it, I want my elf waifu :(

Almost full 4th Act?! Ability to make Mina or Marie-Anne Best Waifu? 

Best NSFW game.

Very interesting story. Was a bit hard to follow but concept is amazing.

Amazing, atmosphere on point, words are woven very in-style of Disco, and you've got personalities pretty close. I love it.

Woo, updates and shit! Can't wait for it to go live

Quite short, but flowery and thoughtful. I like the aftertaste it leaves. Thank you for that experience.

Very short but very sweet. Everything is clear enough to play it. Good game.

Fun and interesting game. Little rough around the edges and sometimes too obvious what choices do what, but overall great experience and I like mystical atmosphere. 

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Values in options can't seem to react to my clicking. Can't change any options except windowed\fullscreen one.

Also, why's crush called 'he' when it's she, with tits and everything?

"While walking to school, you take in your surroundings. People are bustling about. Kids around the age of 5-7 race each other, with their parents running to catch up to them. Some people sit outside a cafe, sipping coffee. more description to be added

You arrive at school in 20 minutes and go to your first class."

Funny :)

Another game where author thinks he's the hot shit and super psychologist.

Walkthrough has a mistake:  it says "meet best girl. Wolf Girl." when best girl is clearly Kobold Trap (okay if you wanna go for physically girl, then Merchant Girl)

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So, uh. Just started and already have a bug to report: after a choices
"Start - Spark - Yeah - I'll roll with the punches" I get this:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/sparkscript.rpy", line 48, in script
    pc "I'll just have to rolle with the punches. [spsubap] can't possibly be too bad, right?"
KeyError: u'spsubap'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/sparkscript.rpy", line 48, in script
    pc "I'll just have to rolle with the punches. [spsubap] can't possibly be too bad, right?"
  File "F:\Новая папка\Reform 1.2\RDS-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 694, in execute
    renpy.exports.say(who, what, *args, **kwargs)
  File "F:\Новая папка\Reform 1.2\RDS-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1322, in say
    who(what, *args, **kwargs)
  File "F:\Новая папка\Reform 1.2\RDS-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1114, in __call__
    what = what_pattern.replace("[what]", sub(what, translate=True))
  File "F:\Новая папка\Reform 1.2\RDS-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1103, in sub
    return renpy.substitutions.substitute(s, scope=scope, force=force, translate=translate)[0]
  File "F:\Новая папка\Reform 1.2\RDS-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 244, in substitute
    s = formatter.vformat(s, (), kwargs)
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 563, in vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 585, in _vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 646, in get_field
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 605, in get_value
KeyError: u'spsubap'

RDS 1.0
Thu Jul 25 02:33:36 2019

It's short, but varied and has surprisingly good impact on feelings. Characters are interesting, action moments help to make player a little more invested into the game since they're timed and overall aestethic brings the whole thing together. 

I know right?!

Elon Musk ending best ending

Anyone please help, how can I imprison merchant girl? When I attack (lair or no lair) I get options to eat, fuck or let her go but can't seem to get imprison\get to lair option.

Whoa! In this case, it's amazing! I've always wondered how can I get all those prisoners in a few days I get, but if I can just rush lair ch2 and then have all this time in ch3 to explore - great!

Not sure if bug or intended: In Abandoned Mine I start Ch3 with 10 days to roam. In Sunken Temple I get 12 days.

After asking Mary-Anne (farmgirl) "WHO ARE YOU?" I'm presented with "ALONE?" question and it loops back to itself, with no options to escape the dialogue. It's version 2.0.1 and I've started from the chapter 2.

Small, fun and creative!

Will different hiding places matter much, or can I just pick the one that aestetically pleasing to me and trust it'll be as good as others?

I love this game! I honestly downloaded first because I was checking out nsfw games, but when I played I realized how this game had actual proper nsfw rating in a way that player is able to gore, maim, kill and rape, but can choose to be merciful and charming still.

Love the intro, love how you manage to convey both dradon's terrifying visage and power and still make player understand that there are many things that can kill our young protagonist.

One-word speech is amazing too. First time playing Charming character with that speech impediment :)

Two questions though: what Potency gives to a dragon (didn't meet check for potency in a game yet), and where's that cave? I checked all locations and can't find it! Farmgirl and Merchant both hint on a location and tell me where to go yet when I go there - nothing.

Yes, now spacebar works, thanks! 

For the future reference: my browser is Chrome  75.0.3770.100

So, I see that bar and what? Space button or any other button don't register, what do?

I like it! Especially ability to set up traitor to bring him back for brownie points.

I like it. Story is simple, and demo is short, but it's well put together and paced decently. 

I would've liked more variety in what our antagonist thinks about her sister and why. For example, she could be nice to Mara because she thinks she's a devil and wants to be on her good side when killings start, or because she's genuinely nice and caring person. Or she could shun Mara because she think she's a devil, or because she's not strong enough to act against mob mentality and fears becoming the same shunned and hurt outcast Mara is.

Hope you'll write more, because this story deserves to be continued.

Great game, really gets you into the immortal arrogance but also ageless wisdom of a sphinx. 

If whole game is on par with quality of this demo it would be a masterpiece. Will you release on Steam too, perchance?

Ah, so that's what it counted to! My MC definitely was snarky and I wondered if it was because of some choices. Enjoyed it immencely, especially when he brought 3 glasses (one for himself) that was super funny!

Got Ending 5 - Sweet and Dreams.

I adore it. Atmosphere is amazing, art really captures the other-worldness of Talaiporia and that whole bizarre experience. My choices feel like they matter even if they probably not, and for such a short game worldbuilding works great, I can see any number of games in that universe. 

Amazing game, great style, short but cute story and got True Ending on the first try, being honest pays off! And thanks for the option of being just a friends without forcing romance!

Please no music, or at least give an option to turn it off.