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Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream. If you cannot imagine Conan cleaving a Yeti's head off in the halls of SKALBAK SNEER then you have no soul. Bravo to all entrants.

This was a fun li' jaunt - the art is the strongest point, Searina is a really great character design and I wish she would be in a lot of stuff! I like her attitude, even in her predicament.

I got the bad, indifferent, and true ends. Anybody got any tips for the other two?

A short and fun little shump. I found Pug with a Husky/Pom backline to be *incredibly* good, but doing a three pug run is also a fun little thing to do. My only compliant is wanting more but that's probably a good thing!

Yeah it was a fun time! Everything tapped neatly into an arcane type of aesthetic I rarely see touched on (or at least well conceptualized to this extent). Even though its free in browser this was the first game I checked out in the Palestine bundle and it's off to a great start! Have a good one!

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't catch that! Monsters rule! I will be sure to check that out!

come for the cool name, stay for making friends (pictured below). As a bunch of other said, if this was your first time doing sound stuff, you nailed it. The blood gardener you play as has a kind of cute design. The disembodied voice went " :) " at me once which made my day. Just two obelisks of blood hanging out in a void.

A family can be two obelisks of blood and their blood gathering parent.
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I did Worms -> heal with potion -> slimes -> goblins. When Goblin attacked, I kept getting "Earthworm used Earthquake", and when I attacked the Goblin it was referred to as a slime. Thought you might wanna be aware of that!

Overall though pretty charming and cute. Like the slime sprite. Good stuff! I am not a fan of gbc's assembly so lots of power to you for making this :)

Very cute and fun game! Big fan of the song in level 4. I feel like the score system was a little lenient? But all in all that's ok - despite me saying that had to restart Level 4 a couple times anyways! Fun!