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The $69.99 asking price seems kind of steep for a 15 minute walking sim with no meaningful player input but ymmv. :)

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This game has good artwork and suitable music. If it were balanced better it would be very promising, but the way it is now is just LOL.

So I was doing really well on my fifth day or so and then I get one event that is a mandatory -20 vitality, and then the next event I get is a -20 vitality because I was attacked by a bear or whatever. I went from 40 vit and 4 heals to stone dead with no real input whatsoever. Thanks, game, but at least it was free.

4/5 rating

Interesting, but the mouse is on the screen the whole time which is extremely distracting. I also "clip" through many of the walls. Another problem is the lack of direction, which I guess serves the purpose of feeling alone and excluded, but makes the experience much less user-friendly. 

Assuming that this is a work in progress I think there's potential here. You've got something going on with the aesthetic and I really wanted to keep exploring, but too much was lacking from a technical standpoint. Good luck going forward guys!

Yes, I am hoping for input from the developer. I am really looking forward to playing this game once it is fixed!

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I reported this issue before (check previous threads for more detalied information). While I don't consider this to be an urgent issue personally, I think potential buyers should be aware that (AT THE MOMENT - Hoping for a fix!) the game simply doesn't work for some people who run Windows 10, like myself. It only just starts up and runs the intro sequence and then it gets stuck.

I'm having a similar problem on Windows (10). The game starts in both fullscreen and windowed, the opening title plays and then a pause, the screen is black except for a tiny white/gray smudge in the middle of the screen and I can't move or do anything else. The mouse cursor is on screen the whole time.

I'm on a laptop 1600x900 res (scaling down doesn't change anything). None of your other games (and I've played most of them) have offered me any problems (except frame rate sometimes).