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pennywise scared me. everything else. nah. however. it was a pretty good piece of work. i really liked the creepy atmosphere. and the quality of the game. except for the girl jumpscare i think that couldve used a bit more work and a bit of touching up instead of her just waving around your face like a puppet. but i did enjoy it and it is well worth the time to check it out. definitely worth to play. pretty short as well. sweet and short. 1 more note. maybe next u make a game. make a original character. instead of using pennywise. dont want u too get a cease and desist letter my guy. because i see the potential in this game. and i would love to see so much more scary games from u bro.

ong sus


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bro you've already posted this like 20 or more times on this thread. from this account and a couple others. nobody cares about your channel. just makes u sound desperate af

us being those people

amazing game man. really enjoyed