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Perhaps Photon (the networking service used by the game) was unreachable. I haven't seen the code in years so I'm not sure about the possible failure modes anymore 🥴, but as far as I remember this one didn't have a bespoke offline mode like the original Shenanigans had.

Yes, it's a sandbox game!

You can look at and change them in the resolution select screen

I'm planning on streaming my first Trijam ever tonight (so in about 5 hours) here

I'm doing the stream just so I can timelapse it afterwards, but people are free to take a gander mid-development :)

There indeed are plans (can you read minds?) but for a later time.

I haven't stopped making new things. I just don't post updates on itch because I'm too lazy to keep track of multiple devlogs.

It's a sandbox


could you document your issue on video? Also, try using various display modes - fullscreen, windowed, and different resolutions. I've seen Unity UI get confused on stretched modes, for example.

Note though, that I haven't really tested the game on Linux, but so far nobody had reported any issues to me, so perhaps it varies from distro to distro.

GameJolt release is coming soon - their uploader is super slow :(