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i did lol

are there still real people here or is everyone just kinda idiots now lol

are you real

Talk and Chill community · Created a new topic hey

welcome to the underground 🙂🙃

been a while

holy shit people still use this


oh godz he exploitd the systm!!!!!!!!!

well now most everyone here has basically no reason to go on fnf now

go home, everyone, party’s over 😃

this is the best thing ever

hi guys (bye guys)

I am just asking a genuine question, also hello ryor

take your time, but spend it wisely

Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic life

Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) - E-102 Gamma's Story [Playthrough] - YouTube

(and women)

hey guys

do not

Past a year now, time to rest

prime example of why this branch of the community is no different/almost the equivalent of twitter fnf community

yknow if jordan got a game from you because you just wanted to be friends and jordan still kind of acts like a jackass that's technically a form of exploitation

i just wanted to check one last day on how the community is doing and people clearly aren't getting the message or didn't see my last few posts so i'm gonna set the stone down here, now.

can you guys stop being shitty to each other already? some people legit can't make a SINGLE normal comment with no ill intention without being bombarded by bandwagon users who hop on people like jordan's D and try to choke every ounce of energy out of their damn bodies every chance they get. IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS.

You're allowed to hold a grudge and not want to be affiliated with someone. But if you're constantly shitting on them, day after day, on things that REALLY do not even fucking matter. You could argue, with things being how they are, yes, Ari did do some really messed up shit, but I haven't seen anything relatively bad or out of line in a damn while. If they're not doing what bothers you anymore, there is NO reason, and I mean NO reason, to keep pestering them. Have some damn maturity.

And, I swear, you guys might not care, but I mean it when I say it, you guys (not all, but a majority) need to be put in a damn psych ward. Telling children to off themself? To die? To hurt themself? I've done it before and I've learned from it to never do it again. But this community can't get the message somehow. IT'S A CHILD. A DAMN CHILD. OF COURSE THEY'RE ANNOYING. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone like Ethan. Ethan just got worse because he got exposed to the retardedness of this community. A child learns off of what's around them, even if it's an 11 year old. He learned from us. We made him and Mythical the way they are. If you're not happy with it, then reevaluate your choices.

I don't want to drag it off too long so I'll end it there. If I'm still on I'll answer questions. But I probably won't be on for too long.

Me too, me too.

to ari, i'm sorry for pestering you and being an asshat like all the others here. while i won't deny you can be a bit annoying sometimes, it just got to a point where shit got unnecessary. the people here are nutjobs. i'm sure you can agree to that.

to jordan, while i won't deny that you're quite funny, you're also kinda out of line. there's simply no justification for telling people to end themself. it's become a form of deflection, to be honest. and that's not a good thing, jokes or not. i advise you (and many others) to actually get the help you need. there's just nothing i can do as a rando' on the internet.

to everyone else, keep your nuts on the right way. don't be a follower of other people's actions and don't be a asshat when it's not necessary.

We're all pretty stupid, to be honest. We've done way too much over the top stuff. I wish I had my priorities set earlier than now. Maybe this place wouldn't have diminished as fast, if I knew how to assess things properly. But then again, it's not like I'm the one in power. I'm just a regular guy on the internet who tried to be kind but ended up falling out of mental shape. Sorry

Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic gone

probably not returning ever, either

But also, Mythical does have a point. The inhabitors of this community are total nutjobs. You know who you are. 

You might not really care, but to be honest, the people who've taken part in telling literal children to end their life, to go suck cock, to go fuck themself, you're not any worse than Ari or Mythical or even Ethan in this case. What seperates Mythical and Ethan from the rest of everyone here is that they were underaged and impressionable. They see people cursing and being rude? They think it's cool, so they start doing it too! And they start learning the wrong things from NOT JUST ARI, but also the entirety of this community. We're all to blame. We're the reason they turned out annoying. So I think we should all take responsibility.

Also, I'm probably gonna upset Jordan with this, and I'm sorry if I do, but looking back, us ganging up on Ari just because he was stupid and toyed around with Alex's feelings and had multiple online partners? Yeah, it did suck, but it was WAYY overexaggerated. By all of us. Ari did not deserve to be run off the site just because of that. While it was wrong for him to not tell her he had multiple partners at the time, yeah, but the thing is, that's the risk with Online Relationships. You don't know what you're getting yourself into.

I got a little off topic, and I started typing a little too much. Yeah... I think that's it for me.

Also, your message literally just doesn't work, because of the reputation you've spurred yourself with during your time on this site. You trying to flip the script and suddenly become the great pep talk guy isn't cutting it for anyone because you've always been ignorant, hardheaded, all of the such. And hey, I don't even blame you. You were like, 11 when you joined this community. You just fell under the wrong influence, the wrong arms, that's all.

Though, I won't discredit your time with people like Ari and Ethan. You guys probably did have a lot of fun just talking and being with each other. But it doesn't excuse the fact that you've been under terrible influence. Ari and the other friends you had molded you into who you were on this site, and to be honest, if you had kept yourself on a clean record and you weren't such a foulmouthed, annoying kid,  there could've been (while slim) a chance you would've had a better and maybe longer time here. But that's besides the point.

Feel sorry for you though, having to leave friends behind like that. But that's basically deserved at this point. Hopefully you'll find good friends in the future. And to Ari and whoever reads this and feels as if i'm bashing them, I'm trying not to, but really that's just how it is. Sorry if I'm hurting people's feelings here.

Your first friend... ever? Do you not have friends outside of itch????? Is that what you're implying??

That's actually making me feel pretty darn bad if so

I knew it had to do with his mother.

well no offense he was fairly young when you met him and you kind of ended up influencing him. because he was young and impressionable. same situation with ethan.

though i do sympathize, in this case you just gotta move on. thats really all you can do anyway



if he left without comment it could be like a parental issue like his parents telling him to get his ass off those sites

damn, did something happen to him?

pretty great, you?

Given how ari, ethan, and a few others are still here daily I doubt that it'll necessarily be nobody posting here anymore, maybe 3-5 people, but unless they're gone, I dont see this place ever fully succumbing to the abyss of total obscurity

i think we're at the point where this community probably won't last much longer. i predict at least 3-5 people going totally inactive in the next month or 2. (though now that i think about it, as summer is coming up, it's more likely that people would come back. but this place is already in it's tombstone so i dont see why anyone would)

Also the definition of "minor" is very malleable, depending on the country the age range is different. So some people might be 15 or 16 but not considered a minor. Remember, not everything is the same as the way you're raised. The world is different all around.

Same situation, though it hasn't been as long for me.

Kate in the evening, lol

but yea, good (not really) times.