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i played this game this game for my channel the other day and i am absolutly impressed by it. there is so much to there game and i enjoy how open-ended it is

holy fucking shit, i just finished recording a video and will be uploading soon but this is fucking beautiful and absolutely impressive, i am ver excited for the full release

UHM YES! you are amazing at what you do. i definitely enjoyed playing this.

watch my gameplay here:

i absolutely enjoyed playing this! also i'm such a fan of your pixel art/scene! i am super excited to see what you have coming next!

i made my own playthrough! lol i call this a psychological horror. i love the style and just how effect the writing is in making the player feel. 

great game. i'm excited to see what you have next!

this is such an amaizing game

this is such a good game. i played it on my channel - check it out :)

 i especially like the symbolism of the red and white and also liked the kind messages at the end.

thank you making this and i'm looking forward to more games by you.

it won't launch and gives an error message

Hey, the game wouldn't load. im playing on a windows 10 pc