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On the android v2, I keep getting this glitch/error in the code that makes the chracters switch to the old art from the new ones after only a few minutes. Anyone know a solution?

Anyways, the game's great so far! Keep it up!

I just downloaded the new update on Android 8.1 but for some reason it didnt even install on my existing application which was the adastra visual novel's previous update. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Darn it, fortunately im not too far into the game so i guess i can re download today. I was hoping to transfer the data but i dont have any experience so thats not gonna happen. TwT

UPDATE: omg turns out i can dowload the new updates onto my existing app with the older ones without transferring and I wont lose my data! Thank the lord!

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Wait i just saw the new public release that took place 7 hours ago and i downloaded the game on my android device before that. Do I have to download again to get the new public release or is it automatically integrated into the game i already downloaded? If i do have to download again then will I have to start the game over? How do I transfer my already started route over to the new release?