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Darn...  The future is bright however.  Never know.  ^^"

YEAH!  Because of your words I couldn't stop thinking about WANTING to see what was in the game!  XD

Very worth it.  ;)

Sounds like a good time.  But I will.  :3

Ohh!  Then it's a must read.  Thank you!  :p

Funny.  XD

First I actually got a good looking guy...  Until he opened his mouth and called me "mother".  >.>

Then a crying grandpa came by...  I wasn't sure what he was doing here.  ^^"

Third was the most...  It had cats in the background.  That made it all better.  However...  Wouldn't mind playing the game where this Boss is at.  :3

(Good fun was had.  Thank ya. Will play more. ^^)

Woo!  I found another one of your VNs.  ^-^  This one had a different feel from the others...  But still good nonetheless.  I have to say this though...  Every crime prediction I had for 4/5 people (since Naima isn't really there for that reason)...  I got wrong.  My guess for Naima was wrong as well lol.

I think I set their crimes WAY too high...  I thought Izzy was in the mafia and Luis was running a Ponzi Scheme...  While Ruby was an art thief.  Sigh.  And yes, I do realize that those are serious crimes...  But it was rather funny how off I was.

Regardless, this was worth a play.  There are definitely lessons in here and the MC is not a mute (as in those characters that just stand there and do nothing) that just waits for things to happen (thank goodness!)  Other characters all got their own thing going and you do feel bad for them...  As well as seeing how they cope and their actions that follow.

Once more, everything was enjoyable...  I did like some things I found in the background too...  Those pictures of that cat and that drinking (station?) was glowing!

Let's face it, my favorite things were Kenji's/MC's CG (heh heh) and the werewolf books!!!  I super agree.  *nod nod*

I truly don't have a character that stood out the most to me this time, only because I feel like the MC came to each one of them via different timelines and helped them out...  As they helped her.  So I guess in that sense...  They all shine in their own way.  Mysteries of what they all did were good too.  Makes you want to keep reading.

Thank you once more and as per usual...  I'll be around.~ ^.^

Yay!  Then more kudos to ya as I can't (can) wait for more of your novels/intriguing storytelling!  :D

This is certainly not what one would expect.  On one hand it LOOKS like you know what you are getting into and then...  TWISTS.  Then again, I should've known it would happen...  Thanks to playing Queen of Hearts.  ^.^

I like the characters you create, as they are not only memorable, they also have their own personalities and you actually WANT to read/learn about them.

The MC too.  Like in QOH...  She isn't a bore and she actually stands up for herself and I just like her.  Her best friend also fulfills her role really well too.

The choices are fun to pick too...  As they are pretty straightforward and don't make your head hurt.

I liked everything in the game. (Backgrounds/CGs, etc.)

But the twist...  Heh...  Heh...  No seriously...  It goes far deeper than that, doesn't it?  It feels like it's a loop...  Without knowing where the beginning or end is...  Or am I thinking too deeply about it...?

The cat?  Best character...  Wait...  How did he get into the game as well?!  The cat might be behind all of this...  They always know more than they are letting on...

But really, great game, fun read and was really enjoyable!

(And as for the favorites...  Which isn't easy...  The cat.  Joel.  Caspian's looks and Dane's fun vibes.  Hah!)

Yesss!!!  This was pretty darn good!  It was relatable, fun, interesting and it was amusing to see Wyatt's shirts change. XD

I like all the characters and will most likely remember them for a while, including their personalities.

The story is heartwarming and the lesson is really good.  I may have guessed the twist, but that didn't matter...  Because it was just good nonetheless.

Oh and also the choices being pretty straightforward?  Hell yes!

And the relationships?  No brutal drama.  No one being petty.  With the confessions being sweet and lovely.

Love it.  Deserves the praise.  Kudos!

Game look good!  Game get!  Game enjoyed!

(I own this game on Steam, not here just yet, so I spent my efforts there, but I will leave a comment here regardless...  Because it's well deserved and people already should know what to expect.  XD)

I am talking about the charming STORY.  The adorable CHARACTERS and that one CREATURE (I know what he is, I am not spoiling it) and HOURS OF FUN figuring stuff out.

Thank you...  Just...  Thank you.

Well worth it and that's one hell of a hot vampire.  *-*

That was FUN!!!  I liked it!  And the game even has a walkthrough attached to it too...  If you don't feel like thinking.  :p

Everyone has their own personality and quirks and hmm...  I just liked everyone (almost) with ears.  (Tomoe and Finn *cough*)  Dmitri was funny in his own way (even though I don't get all the words he used...) andddddd Arien.  Have to have demons too.  Especially incubi.  ^-^

The CGs for good ends are adorable!  I would say which one is my favorite, but then anyone who reads this will read too much into it.  So hah!


GOOD.  No crazy choices.  Fun backgrounds.  Fun people.  Fun and interesting story.

Just fun...  As in everything.

Pleased and grateful.  Excellent work!!!  :)

AHHHHHHH!!!  BLACK HAIR AND GLASSES?!  *falls over from excitement overload*

Delightful and interesting as always.  Thank you!  <3

:D  Yay!

That works even better then!  Thanks for telling me about a few of those.  ^-^  It makes it fun to have a mystery too!

Oh wow...  You are really going to make me choose...?  Oh no...  >.>  That's a problem because ALL routes had something interesting to offer.  Kadan's way of speaking and interpreting things the way he wants to (yes), Aiden's overprotectiveness and trying to do his job, Thrace's arrogance and his dragon, Iandir's personality and his doggie, and Roxas reminds me of that guy from Beauty and the Beast, but a much better version of him.  To me he seems like the gentlemen type.

That's all to say...  If I had to pick...  Really...  Most likely Roxas.  He can not only transform into you know what, he also seems like a really nice and fun guy to be around.  Everyone else though...  Comes close second.  Thrace's final CG is the one I like best too.  :D

Thanks for inquiring and I'll definitely be around to check out the future improvements.  (No rush).  :)

This was...  Pretty good actually!!!

The backgrounds are amazing!  They are so beautiful!

I like the humor too.  Kudos on actually making me laugh.  XD

Doggies are awesome!

And holy hell...  This game is GREAT on twists!  Like...  Good job.  I haven't guessed any of them...  Like at all...

Everything else definitely kept my interest too!

Thank you and keep up the good work!!!


(Spoiler question) The only thing I was wondering was in Aiden's route...  About the mother demon...?  Is she the MC's mother...?  There were hints that the MC can't contract the plague (that's how I interpreted it), but did the mother die and become a demoness...?  Or am I off?  Just rather curious about it.

I literally think that it's completely fine to do that.  I wish I had thought to do that...  Eh.

Example: Of all the events that took place in Waltz's route (1st game) -> they just follow up with them in Evermore...  (Other routes too/not just his).

There shouldn't be much worry as there isn't a big reminder of what really happened.  It's two years into the future and how the characters are getting on and such.  :>

Another awesome game!  Thank you!

Could've sworn Mr. R. was going to tell Aries he is secretly a demon...  XD.

Way too excited for all of this not to comment!  Cover B definitely looks better.

Also...  No such thing as disappointment, because after all...  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

The excitement is palpable and now I know what I will be reading next.  Again.  ^^

I see the Secret Route (Demon's Route / Let's face it...  He would make a perfect demon) is super locked.  It's both like a warning and a temptation...

The time hath cometh...!

(And don't worry, I am as excited about Ray as I was reading LewLew's route.)

I like that: little snail.

And of course!  Don't worry about any of it.  Literally.  Focus on yourself and what matters...  That way the people that matter and things that are important will come along.  :D

More of the good stuff!  Comedy is the best!  ^^

This game was more focused on family/close relations rather than romance...  At least it felt like that to me...  And I don't mind it.  It was heartfelt and heartwarming.

But um...  Was it me or Ravi's end was...  Horror like?  It was rather unexpected turn of events...  But that was rather interesting.  XD

I like the humor and all the other parts of the game.  Especially the MC's facial expressions...  I swear that one of them reminds me of the face they make in "Gintama" (anime/manga)...  If that's the reference...  KUDOS!

I don't do favorites, as each person has something to offer...  But!  I liked Leif's shy personality mixed with "scare tactics" and the guy's all had nice bodies...  @.@

There were no kissing scenes...  And that's okay, like I said...  It was mostly focused on other things and perhaps later on there would be some tongue action.

That said, game made my entire day + night worth it.  THANK YOU!  :D


This game is fun and lighthearted and oh so worth it.

I like the jokes and they actually made me laugh!  That's an achievement in its own.

The most hilarious part of the game were the "Legends"...  XD...

Everything else was fluffy and delightful and each character had something interesting to offer.

Whether it be Gilbert's maturity + his jokes...

Cam's the best looking one (dark hair *cough*) + his craziness

Or Archie...  Who is just kind and nuts.

Let's not forget the baby MC who grew more mature as he went along.

Loved it.  Loved it all.  THANK YOU!!!

I...  I couldn't stop reading nor thinking about this game...

This was so good...  O.O

Everything was good.  Don't make me pick.  ^^"

Thank you so much...

It really means a lot to me and plenty of other people...

Your games are actually the ones that got me enjoying the BL genre...  And although I lurk, you still have my support.  Lol.

(Serious and dramatic moment aside, I know what games I want to get next.  ^-^  Appreciate it very much!)

It's ALMOST here!!!!!  *sniff*  Best news I've heard all day!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  After reading The Winged Ones so many times...  It's time to explore all this game has to offer.  :D

You are the best!  ^-^

Made by a Master Chef who was good at Bakin'.

First one!  Because reasons.

Heh heh to the last image.

So worth it.  Going to go find myself a ghost lover now.  ;)

We will definitely be around for the project and we wanted to wish you the best of luck as well!  ^(^-^)^

This is a really well done game.  LIKE SUPER WELL DONE.  I was going from one VN to another...  Trying to find something interesting to read and ended falling asleep on some...  Forcing myself to finish them...  Then my instincts were like "hey...  Read this game."  And when instincts tell you things, you better listen...  Because they were so right!!!

Apart from really great art, story, CGs and everything, this game made me want to continue my journey to read more VNs.  The twists were also unsuspected and guess what?  This game has choices that actually MAKE SENSE!!!  Seriously, compared to some games *shakes head*.  I got the ending I wanted, so I was super happy with it!

Also, I usually liked to tell stories to my husband, since he doesn't read VNs...  And he refused to let me play any other game until I finished this one (This is just a joke).  Yes, it's THAT good that even someone who doesn't WANT to read VNs...  Now WANTS to read this one!  That's an epic accomplishment.

And holy fudge, this game has an older male and a strong woman!  *Actual* strong woman.  Kudos and credit and I was all for it.  I am also glad there is another game too...  Because I have something to look forward to now.  :3

My main question is... This game being so good...  How am I supposed to read anything else now...?  Come back later and re-read this one?  You darn know I will!

Thank you so much and truly from two wonderful people who found true love amidst all of the challenges...  And I am not talking about the main protagonists...  ^.^

@_@ You are so worth the wait!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  <3 <3 <3

A guy with cat ears AND a cat tail came to help my character out?  YES PLEASE.

Thanks for giving people hope...  Much appreciated.  <3

This is just an awesome game!  I really like all the designs and well...  Everything...

Just one thing...  There are three characters that are so well made (for me at least), that when I am on someone else's route...  I forget the route I am on.  XD  Those characters are...

Leo is really awesome.  Don't know why he gets hate (in the game), when he is so adorable and I would so be his friend (obviously more than that) and watch stuff with him!

Ray ->  How can you not like the flirt?  He is like a semi-devil in disguise.

ERIC ->  He is the ultimate demon.  The only time I told him to go away is when he was bothering Leo...  No one bothers Leo...  Otherwise he is always welcome.

I am not saying the other characters suck, I am just saying these stood out to me the MOST!  The others are fun, fluffy ones and I am supercompletelyoutmoustly awaiting those ROUTES!


YES Please!  Depending on the amount of content + how you feel (go with your instincts) on the payment thingy.  Otherwise can't (can) wait for it! :D

YAY!  I both can't and can wait for your upcoming games!  I played the first one on Steam and this is actually a game that made me want to play BL games, so thanks!  ^-^

I really like the fluffy nature of them...  Keep up the good work!