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So worth it.  Going to go find myself a ghost lover now.  ;)

We will definitely be around for the project and we wanted to wish you the best of luck as well!  ^(^-^)^

This is a really well done game.  LIKE SUPER WELL DONE.  I was going from one VN to another...  Trying to find something interesting to read and ended falling asleep on some...  Forcing myself to finish them...  Then my instincts were like "hey...  Read this game."  And when instincts tell you things, you better listen...  Because they were so right!!!

Apart from really great art, story, CGs and everything, this game made me want to continue my journey to read more VNs.  The twists were also unsuspected and guess what?  This game has choices that actually MAKE SENSE!!!  Seriously, compared to some games *shakes head*.  I got the ending I wanted, so I was super happy with it!

Also, I usually liked to tell stories to my husband, since he doesn't read VNs...  And he refused to let me play any other game until I finished this one (This is just a joke).  Yes, it's THAT good that even someone who doesn't WANT to read VNs...  Now WANTS to read this one!  That's an epic accomplishment.

And holy fudge, this game has an older male and a strong woman!  *Actual* strong woman.  Kudos and credit and I was all for it.  I am also glad there is another game too...  Because I have something to look forward to now.  :3

My main question is... This game being so good...  How am I supposed to read anything else now...?  Come back later and re-read this one?  You darn know I will!

Thank you so much and truly from two wonderful people who found true love amidst all of the challenges...  And I am not talking about the main protagonists...  ^.^

@_@ You are so worth the wait!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  <3 <3 <3

A guy with cat ears AND a cat tail came to help my character out?  YES PLEASE.

Thanks for giving people hope...  Much appreciated.  <3

This is just an awesome game!  I really like all the designs and well...  Everything...

Just one thing...  There are three characters that are so well made (for me at least), that when I am on someone else's route...  I forget the route I am on.  XD  Those characters are...

Leo is really awesome.  Don't know why he gets hate (in the game), when he is so adorable and I would so be his friend (obviously more than that) and watch stuff with him!

Ray ->  How can you not like the flirt?  He is like a semi-devil in disguise.

ERIC ->  He is the ultimate demon.  The only time I told him to go away is when he was bothering Leo...  No one bothers Leo...  Otherwise he is always welcome.

I am not saying the other characters suck, I am just saying these stood out to me the MOST!  The others are fun, fluffy ones and I am supercompletelyoutmoustly awaiting those ROUTES!


YES Please!  Depending on the amount of content + how you feel (go with your instincts) on the payment thingy.  Otherwise can't (can) wait for it! :D

YAY!  I both can't and can wait for your upcoming games!  I played the first one on Steam and this is actually a game that made me want to play BL games, so thanks!  ^-^

I really like the fluffy nature of them...  Keep up the good work!

Played this by myself on Christmas.  Loved it.  Watching other people have a Holiday Spirit...  It felt like it was being transmitted through the screen.  The first time I saw this VN, I instinctually had to play it.  So good.

I picked Sol first and realized that he was awesome (also a male version of me), but we would get along regardless.  Then I went to play through the others.  Regardless of Kaito's behavior...  I still would like to know more about him and the name as well...  I am pretty sure others are curious too.

Dominic Aka the Butler...  Good thing I watched the anime...  Who hasn't XD?  That was a really good call back to that one.

Lex... I get it.  Good job.

And Sol...  I named my character "Moon" for fun and for him and it turned out to be great.

Thanks for having this in English and available and I wish you all the best!  I'll definitely still be around and help out the best I can to make a sequel or continuation or even a little bit extra happen for ALL of the characters.

Oh and thanks for making my Christmas and bringing joy into it!  ^-^

You can do it!!! :D

This is really good!  I like the upbeat music and the artwork is amazing!!!  Effects are pretty cool too and seeing rain in the beginning...  Makes it all even better.  Heh heh.

The characters (the ones we can see) are adorable.  I got so used to "Theo" and I figured stuffs out from the story anddddddddddd...  I can't wait to see what happens next!

Only problem was that the story was short...  It just makes you want to continue reading...  Or get lost in your own mind until more of the story comes up.  (This is not to pressure...  It's for silliness.)

Thank you!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!  Keep up the great work!!!

Super sweet and one of a special kind...  Makes me wish there was more to it, but I understand if that can't happen.  Thank you, it made me smile more than once.  :D

This is such a wonderful and colorful game!  It made everything feel better...  Thank you.  :)

*Applause*  Super good!  Definitely worth a read...  Couldn't stop...  Reading...  O_O

Thank you!  :D

So good and wonderful.  Love it!  Thank you so much!!! :D

This is a very special and touching little story.  I really like the music and really enjoyed reading it.  I hope more people get to read/experience it and get the message that it brings along.

Thank you so much and I wish you the best in life too.  Keep up the good work!

This is so super adorably greatly amazing!  I liked the mystery and the "???" parts too!

Okay fine...  I liked everything...  It brought happy emotions into the lives of people that need 'em.  :D

I really enjoyed everything about the story and its messages (plus artwork)... Thank you so much!  It is wonderful to hear such things in a time of need.

Keep up the good work!  :D

1.  Favorite Character: The main one.  (It's hard to pick, as I like all of them... Including their designs!)

2.  Endings 3 + 5

3.  I am new to the website and this is the first comment I had ever made here...  Oh and definitely keep up the good work!  We all look forward to more good things...  As this VN brightens even the gloomiest of days.  :D