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im waiting on that update 5 months and nothing....

do u have other games I'm about to play this one and so far so good hope it runs on my patato laptop

its not ifinite its just making new levels so the levels are made by them self so the codes not infinite well he she not making it constantly the  game does it lol I'm confused now

that sounds really cool

add armor or a helth bar bleeding effect breaking bone effect huge world single player survival food thist and all make a standoff version that would b the best you have to barricade or run from a huge horde that comes and tries to kill u maybe a 7 days concept these idead probably suck but idk

yah it looks 720 p or lower like 480 or 600 p

love the game but the resolution is a little weird and draw  distance and stuff would be cool though I run flawlessly a little time before next round would be nice and people should have colors and wish zombies were green a color option would be very cool lastly I think I might make vids on this idk I want to though since I love the concept have u ever thought of making a full survival single player zombie poly gone game I have a potato pc and this game runs nicely wish all games were this optimized thanks for your time even though u probably don't have time for me 8 and a half out  of 10 so far;)

hey I tried downloading this no luck idk how to install it I tried extract here and it doesn't work