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Gaming Daze

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Enjoyed the demo, looking forward to trying some more soon!

Here's part 2 of my first playthrough!

ok thanks

Really interest concept, does it have controller support?

Had a lot of fun with the demo, even if I'm terrible at it!

Here's the final part of my first playthrough!

Here's part 2 of my Glitchy adventure!

thanks! Although I feel like I cheated by using the bow so much so might have to give it another play through 

Had a blast trying the demo! Keep up the good work!

Very cool and unique game! Proper had me going when I encounted the "Glitch" haha

No problem!

Really sick demo! Good luck with the full release!

I recommend this game a lot!

it's a really great demo! Quite lengthy too. Can't wait to try the full version! 

Really sick demo! Cannot wait for the full version!