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Sammy J

A member registered Dec 21, 2018

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thanks! I thought it might have been something I was overlooking, thanks for clearing that up

Had a really great experience with the demo overall! I love how the game controls and how the combat feels and I especially like how much variety there is with the amount of spells you get. I really dig the art style and the symphonic sound track, takes me back to the old school Castlevania days!

A couple of points to raise that were not big issues as such but I feel could be looked at:

I could only look around the map with the d-pad which felt slow and clunky, would have been much better with the control stick. Until you get used to it, the menu while selecting subweapons and alchemy spells feels a bit confusing (that could just be me). Also in the cave area, I could barely see anything around me so was taking a lot of hits all the time which felt a little unfair.

I wish the devs all the best with the full release because I very much enjoyed the demo and I love the idea of being able to create your own maps in the full game for other people around the world to download and try!

Really enjoyed the demo! Can't wait to see more!!

A wacky yet wonderful experience! Made a shorter edited gameplay video but will be uploading my full demo playthrough in a few days! Good job!

Ah man I will be playing this game whenever I have a rough day which is a lot! The game is great fun and I can't wait to see more! Made a short gameplay video but will be uploading my full demo playthrough in a few days.

It's really fun!! I'm planning on uploading my full playthrough in a few days but for now I have put together a short video! Great job!!

yeah I did, fart gun all the way! How about you?

I had a really great time playing this with a controller to be fair, made a short cut down version of my gameplay with the full version to be uploaded in a few days. It's definitely worth a go!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere in this game! Also love the simplicity of only having one button to press throughout with the dialogue being what you see rather than what you read! I will have a full playthrough go up in a few days but made a shorter video for now, great work!

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The game has a lot of potential, really enjoyed the demo! Worth a look if you love Stardew! Made a short video to give people an overview but will be uploading my full demo playthrough in a few days! Keep up the good work!

Glad to help! Thank you 

Hey! I will be uploading a couple of videos I made on this game, I really enjoyed it but I think you should know that the controls weren't mapped to my xbox controller properly. to go right I had to push up on the joystick and down to go left, also I I had to push right to go up ladders and left to go down.

Hope that helps.

Had an absolute blast of a time! Would like to show you more of my gameplay but OBS started playing up so will have to make do with the early part of the demo for now! Keep up the great work!!

Found this demo surprisingly enjoyable!! Will definitely be keeping my eye on the development!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the demo! Especially using the explosive barrels with Hellkite!! Can't wait to see more!

Looks really good! Does it support gamepad? 

Had a really great time! Spooked me loads! 

Gave it a try, was quite impressed at what I saw so far and made a short video on it! Will upload my full gameplay video in a couple of days! Looking forward to seeing more!!

this looks great! Does it support Xbox controller?

looks like a cool game, can I use an Xbox controller? 

streamed this game two nights ago, had a fantastic time with it! The prologue takes an incredibly dark twist towards the end and genuinely put me on edge! Was very nice of the developer to watch the stream as well, looking forward to seeing more!!

Thanks very much 

looks good, does it support gamepad? 

Thanks so much for the prologue key! Had a blast with it just as I knew I would!! Cannot wait to see more!!

hi, can I play this with an Xbox controller?

No problem, had a great time! Definitely going to check out the first thing I ran into in the house!!

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I had a really fun time with the demo!! I did also discover a couple of bugs as pointed out in the demo that may be worth noting. Looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign!!

Also not really sure why it's showing a link rather than the youtube thumbnail?^^

Loved my first hour with it, looking forward to seeing more! Keep it up!!

I cannot wait to see more, the demo is really fun!

Thouroughly enjoyed the demo and recommend anyone to give it a try who might be sitting on the fence!

my part 2, loved it!

One of the best Roguelites I have played in recent times! All the best for the full release!

Here's part 2!

Had a blast! Potential for a real 3d masterpiece inspired by a classic 3D Platforming era here!

Here's my part 2 btw

Nice, thanks for your reply

The game looks really good, how long does the demo last roughly? Also can I use a controller?