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Gaming Daze

A member registered Dec 21, 2018

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Had a blast with the demo! Good luck with the full release!

Made a part 2 as I simply had to give the boss another go...

Really enjoyed the demo! Good luck with its full release.

Interesting looking game, does it support xbox controller?

Enjoyed the demo, looking forward to trying some more soon!

Here's part 2 of my first playthrough!

ok thanks

Really interest concept, does it have controller support?

Had a lot of fun with the demo, even if I'm terrible at it!

Here's the final part of my first playthrough!

Here's part 2 of my Glitchy adventure!

thanks! Although I feel like I cheated by using the bow so much so might have to give it another play through 

Had a blast trying the demo! Keep up the good work!

Very cool and unique game! Proper had me going when I encounted the "Glitch" haha

No problem!

Really sick demo! Good luck with the full release!

I recommend this game a lot!

it's a really great demo! Quite lengthy too. Can't wait to try the full version! 

Really sick demo! Cannot wait for the full version!