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Thanks for the update! Can't wait to play the game >o< <3

Thank you! <3

Omg T__T 

Please do tell us all the choices needed for good ending! Thank you so much! <3

If it's not too much of a bother, do you remember all the options you chose to get the good ending?

I'm halfway through the game and so far there have been so many distressing scenes (Yuel attempting to take his own life twice). I'm just wondering if there's a way to avoid these scenes (they're seriously too difficult to read) and if I'm already heading towards the bad ending.

Thank you!

Would you mind spoiling it for me please, how do I get the good ending?

I'm not sure I remember correctly (it's been a while since I played it) so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that happens if you don't agree with Toz when he tells Ruben to escape with you during that one attack (right after Laurent catches you and the phoenix kid, and demands that you shift in front of the kid). 

Are there any updates?  I don't mean to rush you, devs, please take care of yourselves and your health, and don't stress! I'm just asking because I'm sooo looking forward to the full game, but I don't mind waiting! 

As far as I remember, depending on whether your choices lead you to fiery or mindful route with Ruben, the flavor of interactions will change, and there are also scenes that you can get if you follow a certain route. 

But the ending and how the story progresses is essentially the same. I ended up doing mindful route first, but playing fiery route was definitely worth it too. 

I binge played this game. It was beautiful; the mystery, the characters and their personalities, their backgrounds... I simply have no words.

The first ending I got was "Freedom end" and I'm so glad that was my first one XD I went back to play the "Bliss end" and oh boy... I'm not sure how to write down my thoughts without leaving any spoilers, but I absolutely hated it - in all good ways, ofc, it was amazingly done, but that took such unexpected turn that I was left gaping XD

The Freedom end was simply beautiful. I love that Abigail didn't become overcome with hatred and revenge, and that the two of them of them found their happiness :) <3

This was beautiful. Azram is so endearing and I want to learn more about him! I only wish the game was longer, that we could follow the story more and have the characters develop their relationship further.

But even though it was short, it was heartwarming and sweet, and I absolutely fell in love with it. 

Oh, man, I didn't expect to be so smitten by Lucas. 

The story is short, but it's rich and so well-written. So far, I only played Aeden and Lucas' routes, and I'll do Dragan's route soon.

My only "complaint" - which isn't actually a real complain, just a little wish I guess - is that you can't choose your gender and pronouns. I wish I had an option to play as male MC and customize him.

Normally I don't enjoy playing as female MC as I can't relate much, but I decided to check this game out as I was running out of romance games with male MCs... and I'm so glad I did. The setting and world building is amazing, and the romance was so sweet and built just at the right pace. 

Thanks for the update! This is the game I've been looking forward to the most lately >o< I absolutely loved the demo! 

Oh :O 

I mean, it can't be helped, but I can't wait! I liked the demo a lot and I'm so excited to play the full game!

Oh, that's too bad! :(

Well I'm forever grateful for that! 

Omg, omg!!!!!!!! Another one with these two boys! <3

Is there any male on male (gay) content?

So relatable...

And June is an absolute gentleman, caring, protective, respectful and I love him to bits. XD 


Any updates regarding the release date? Or still not certain?

(can't wait for the full release btw!)

Is there any romance in this game?

Woah, I'm happy to hear that!

I literally can't wait for Nour's route... <3

I really like the game! I'm so looking forward to the 3rd episode. Is there anywhere where we can follow the updates (like, check when the next episode is gonna be released?)

I am so shocked by myself, like, man... 

I know that all characters are bullies and I usually hate bullies as I was bullied myself as a kid (but I knew what I was getting into when I started playing this game!) and out of all of them, Marky is the most typical bully... The bully that is likely familiar to all of us who were bullied.

 So why the heck do I like Marky so much lol?

And what's with that hidden almost sweet (and fucked up) side he has? I was shocked when I realized that I found him endearing at one point (when he tried to be nice to MC so that he wouldn't run away again, lol), what the heck is wrong with me XD I legit wanna romance him, but I'm aware this game isn't gonna be very romantic so I'm not gonna complain.

That being said, it's a good game, I'm really looking forwards to the updates!

What the heck man? 

It's really cool that you've got it all figured out and we're all seriously happy for you - and we support that! No one should feel guilty or scared because of their sexuality, but unfortunately so many of us still are, due to the way we grew up, things we were taught or people we were around. 

But what you wrote is so narrow-minded

"If he's over 18 he's had plenty of time to figure things out", seriously? Do you believe that, like, by the age of 18, you gotta have yourself figured out? That's so wrong, because 18 is so young and you're basically just starting to explore life freely. Like, I believed I was asexual until not so long ago and it took me so much time to accept that and to stop trying to force myself to change. Only to realize in my middle twenties that I'm, well, not so asexual. And I'm STILL not even sure where I fit exactly. 

You use empathy to put yourself - to imagine yourself - in another person's shoes and see things from their perspective. You don't have to have knowledge of something or experience it to be able to use empathy. 

It looks like the dev is not working at the game atm. Either on hiatus or dropped it, we're not sure.

(WARNING: some tiny spoilers maybe???)

So, I was thinking... It wouldn't be impossible for Yuel, as a king, to make gay marriage a thing in their country, marry Tavi and live happily ever after?

If that's not possible, then... this is what definitely must've happened in their future: since Yuel doesn't want to be intimate with anyone except Tavi and there's that looming expectation of him finding a wife and having a child... He met a lovely noble lady who was already pregnant but has lost her lover, and to help protect her honor (as she got pregnant outside of marriage), Yuel married her... and somehow no one ever suspected nor found out that the child isn't Yuel's. The lady and Yuel had a respectful, platonic relationship, and Yuel was never forced to be intimate with anyone he didn't want to.

Yes, that's what happened and you can't convince me otherwise, I'm not listening! >3<

As for Tavi... It would be nice if, at some point in the future, he decided that he could be content being with only Yuel (as Yuel expressed he wishes to have him only for himself) and give monogamy a chance, but if not... well, Yuel loves him for who he is and has accepted him, so who cares, as long as they're both happy!

That being said, I loved the VN! I didn't expect it to be SO spicy, but it was definitely a nice surprise. And as always, I enjoyed their bantering so much! The ending felt a bit more bittersweet compared to Unluckily (perhaps due to Yuel's looming responsibilities in the future asa a king), but, well, it was still mostly a happy ending so I'm happy too! Still loved it a lot.

I know I'm utterly shameless, but... do you plan on making more VNs with the two of them? I know that it has to end somewhere, but, but, BUT... I just like these two so much TwT <3

Oh, that's too bad :(( 

I really looked forward to Nour's route!


I'm so happy we get to see more of Tavi and Yuel! 

Does anyone know whose route is gonna be released next? 

Man, I'm really excited for Nour's route, though if I'm not mistaken, it's not gonna come soon?

Doesn't matter though, whenever it's finished, I'm gonna purchase it. 

Oh, I'm so excited! >o<

Man, I didn't expect to enjoy a yandere story... but I did. 

Are there going to be more VNs like this? Asking because of the background photo in the game with 4 guys (one of them being Ciel, it looks like?). Was wondering if you'll make games about them as well?

Ah, I'm so eagerly waiting for the update... I like this story way too much <3 

It looks like it's been 3 years with no update?

Is this game still gonna happen?

If you ever decide to make a DLC or something for Tavi and Yuel with the stuff you wrote, I'm definitely gonna check it! :) ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Yes yes I can't wait!!!!

Could you give me a link to your Discord, please? ♥ 

I'd love to check it out!