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This game has a lot of promise.  Was a very fun play and I will probably come back to it in the future.  Good Job!

Sorry I'm late for my first day of babysitting.  I assure you that your baby is in safe hands.  I mean as long as he isn't a demon or anything, then we should be fine.  Um why is there something moving in your whiteboard?

Thank you for checking out the first episode.  I truly appreciate the interest.  Let me try and answer some of your concerns.

1) The focus of the game originally was gonna be helping myself improve my mapping, so each episode is a separate game with bigger and bigger world map.  So the stories and gameplay will get longer with each new game.  (Note: all the games will be playable from this page)

2) Alrick isn't the main character of the main game, but we will visit his story from time to time.  Originally, every game was gonna be a one shot, so I had no main character at the start.  

        (Note:  I have already done episode 2.  I just haven't put it up just yet, but the main character is actually Laura, the sister of Melissa who you save at the end of the episode.  I decided on the story revolving around her as I created Episode 2.)

3) I don't know why Laeh will miss.  That was never my intention.  In fact, I'm a firm believer that anything that cost Mp of Ap should never miss.  You're already paying a price for it.  I will need to look and see why it does this. In fact, even Alrick's move set shouldn't miss either.

4) As I said, episode 2 is already made, however, I will keep in mind your thoughts (Alrick's backstory, What is a Mage Sword, etc.) for future Episodes.

I hope this clears a few things up.  Thanks, again, for playing and I'm glad you had fun.

This game has A LOT of potential and I am looking forward to being able to play the full release.  The graphics are extremely nice and run smoothly.  My only real complaint is that a certain plumber has lost his main ability.  Other than that, it was quite the enjoyable experience.

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Any adult things I should be worried about?  Wanting to play a dating on my channel for the remainder of Pride month and yours looks interesting.

Edit:  Also, is there an ending yet?

The things we do for LOVE!  This was a very interesting game.  Sadly, I don't think I won, but it was an interesting experience.

I really liked it.  Very interesting gameplay.

A really interesting concept for a game.  It was a really unique and enjoyable experience.

A very intriguing game.  I really enjoyed it.  It had a fun, but horrifying, atmosphere and the story was rather interesting.

I do apologize that this comment is late, but I gave your game a go on Easter for my channel and I must say it is really interesting.  Hard, but interesting.  I'm impressed you made it in such a short time.

Very interesting game.  I was not expecting where it was going.

This was a fun game.  I really enjoyed it.  Found major exploitable glitch though lol

This was simple, but a lot of fun.  Really good job.

This was a real great game to play.  It has such a disturbing atmosphere and kinda left me guessing at the end.  I really enjoyed the visuals and sounds made it quite creepy.

This was a unique experience and I Loved It.  I am definitely gonna look into getting this on Steam.  Had a really good time.

Ah that makes sense about the weapons.  Still it was a fun experience and I enjoyed what I have played of it. 🤗  Thank you for watching the video. 😁

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Such a pleasant chap, here.  He has a smile that can light up the night.  This is wonderful, short game that was a lot of fun to play.  Please, good sir or madam, do look at my modest gameplay.

I see a lot of potential in this game.  The graphics are beautiful and gameplay is really good.  The only problem I ran into is that the sword doesn't always swing when you press the mouse button.

I love the storytelling and the characters.  This looks like a really interesting game.  Keep up the good work.

This was a very unique experience, but it was a lot of fun.  I didn't meet the third monster, but I found the ending strangely satisfying.  Very nice job :)

Come join me every Wednesday on Jolt GamerZeta as we play through this exciting game 😄