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I found two endings.  Are there more endings?

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Thanks for your reply :D I finally finished the CH.1&2. It's sooo cool, love your art style.

How can I pull the needle out of my arm?

I really enjoyed this, it was both a fun shooting game and an educational game.

I just wanna make sure I don't miss anything. 

I'll looking forward to your next update :)

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I found six crowns and open the door, but nothing happened. And I tried to walk around, but the princess can't move anymore.

Or the reward is "through the door" ?

Thanks the bug. I finally finished the game lol

It's so cool but soooo hard.

awww, it's so cute ♥

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the wind story...

Your game is soooooo cool!

Are there any secret endings?

Love your art style! It's sooooo cute ♥

Thank you so much! 

It's sooooo fun. Simple but addictive!

Everyone stay safe ♥

It's sooooo cute and beautiful! Love your art style so much. ♥ 

I play it with chrome browser. Maybe that problem due to my headphone. 

Interesting concept with an amazing mood. Love the game, really enjoying it. ♥

this is really funny! love it ♥

This is a very relaxing game and enjoyed playing it! Everyone stay safe!

Really fun game! love it ♥ 

Would like to see more maps and characters!

Very addictive (is a good way) !

But my man was frozen to death at 37 day.

Love this game and your art style!
But finally the game freezes with Out of Memory error. QAQ

Finally finished the game ♥

The Game is sooooooooo cool and cute !

Amazing Game-ending !

I really love the bounce mechanic and sounds XD

This game is awesome! Very addictive (is a good way)

Thanks for making it ♥

Great ending! 

Love this game ♥ 

I spent 1.5 hours to complete Easy Level. Thanks for making such a great game, I had a lovely time playing it!

SUCH A GOOD GAME, it's so good, and i love it ♥

Really nice game, very challenging. I love the atmosphere you created.

Wow, I am impressed. Awesome game ♥♥♥

wow! i like your art style. :)