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hey thank you very much.. i wanted to spend more time on this game but i had started too late.. juggled with two ideas before this and they went into trash after a day

Thank you very much.. Rated yours too :D

Nice music! The looks of the game are so pretty <3 I didn't know what to do after I place the barrel on the trigger and jump from that door.. There was that nice music and the player fell off from the level I guess.. I played it thrice to check if I missed something.. But yes.. nice game overall! great efforts.. Please check out my game too !

Please play my game :D

Wow. That's one of the best puzzle games I've seen in this jam. Being honest. Enjoyed it fully!

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Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the game.. I just rated yours.. Very nice game mate!

Yes.. I couldn't fix that towards the end but I felt it would be super random to include something unpredictable when the player is super skilled at bunny hopping and parkour :P Thank you very much for playing..!

Yes.. I should have added a health based system instead of just dying.. I wanted it to be frustrating though.. Thank you for playing the game!

Hey please checkout mine too... I just rated yours

Wow. It was trippy! Love the art though.. Great work.. Please check out my game too :D

Noted! I will keep in mind to make it progressive!

I will definitely include a tutorial this time.. Thank you very much :D

Thank you very much! :D I will try to make a tutorial this time

Pretty game! All the best mate.. 
Few things that could be improved: Jumping was unresponsive.. This usually leads the player to give up when he's not that good at jumping :P and a checkpoint system if you could.. that wouldve been supercool..!

Just rated and reviewed. Please play my game too :D

Fun game! Grappling is love. I enjoyed the game thoroughly :D

We will play our games and give a honest review :D

In the first level after you shoot the bottle there's a way in front of you. A platform where you can jump onto and then theres a way into a room.. I hope this helps.. see the gameplay video for better understanding.. If you're talking about the second level you need to shoot the red cubes and make your way up onto the walls..

Good balance of level design through out  the game! I enjoyed playing it :)

Damn.. in the middle I started hitting H again and again for Rush Hour and yes exploding cars is fun to see :P Haha.. Unique idea! I like it :D Please do check out my game too... This is my first game jam xD

Sorry but it seems like its missing the data folder. I'll rate it when you upload it

Please play my game too! It's my first game jam :)

I was happy that I destroyed most of the turrets. Clean game and unique mechanics. Even the main menu was beautiful. I felt disabled at first because there was no jump but that's where the theme comes in. Very nice interpretation. Surely people will love this on mobile. All the best!

Funny jump animation. This game needed that walk-through though. Haha. I wonder if anyone actually jumped on the head without watching it. 

I wish the blackholes or the randomizing actually meant something to the game mechanics. Would've been more fun then. Overall good game :D

Thank you very much! This is my first game jam ever :D

One word. Savage!