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Thanks or whatever... :)
Have a good trip!

Very nice work!

Thanks for askin, yeah, absolutely! No problem! If you may credit my page, thanks a lot! ;)

Thanks! You can use it on any purpose. Have fun!

Hey brother! Thanks for your kind words and interest! :) Unfortunately I don't have any other truck related sprites.
That's all you can see here :/
Your page is also great!

Wow! Brilliant Atmosphere! This game looks so cool! Thanks for sharing with me!
Buuut... tbh I can't see my sprites or game assets in the video, where are those? Can you help me please? :)

Wow! Looks Cool! ;) 

Thanks 4 usimg my sprites im your games! =)

Yes bro, u can use it! :) 

Thx bruh! Your profile pic is great too!
U can use it for any purposes. Commercial also OK! ;)

Hi! Sorry 4 late answer! You can use it for any purposes. Enjoy Life! :)
Btw thx 4 askin' ;)

Yeah, absolutely!
If you credit us... thanks a lot! :)

Hey-hey! :) Sorry for my late answer!

A thousand thanks for your appreciation and message! You can use all the packages for commercial purposes. Thanks for asking, don't worry about it. I also appreciate that if you credit my " " page :)

Have a nice day!

Hey, Dear REJOLU!

I'm so sorry about my late answer otherwise your comment is so kind and thankful :) It's always a pleasure for me to read feedback like this. That's why this whole stuff really worth it! Thanks a lot for your long comment, I really hope you found some game assets you were looking for.  I also thank you for your honest feedback. Made my day! Keep up the good work & share with me if you make a cool game using these assets :)

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Thanks for your patiance again and really sorry for my late answer!
Here's my Discord: ChrisCord#3725
I'm waiting for your message. I try to response asap!

Have a nice day mate!

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Hey mate! Of course, I can help you! Sorry for the late answer, I have a lot of work nowadays. I write u back asap with some details. Thanks 4 your kind words & interest! :) 


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Hey man! Thanks 4 the kind words! :) 

I'm glad you like it! 

Thanks a lot man! :)

Hmm! Very Impressive Art!

Excellent & Quality Work!
... and 4 Free :O

Keep it up Bro!

Your page has a smooth Starcraft - like style :)

Old Good Cod 2 Times! :)

This game reminds me to Bomberman NES Game :)

You're Welcome Bro! ;)

Hey Bro! Yeah, absolutely! Don't forget it's FREE but I really appreciate any donation or support. You can use it for any purpose & thanks for asking! Have a nice day & make successful games! :)

Hi dude, I also thanks for your nice comment!

Thanks for sharing your game with me / us.
One of my first games was also a space shooter so long ago :)

Have a nice day!


Thanks for your honest and kind comment bro!
I really hope your game will be very successful!

Keep up the good work!

You're very welcome :)
Hope you can find the content you looking for.

Thanks for the important imformation... Surprisingly I know it because I made the whole package.
First of all: look the fact it's FREE. Just letting you know... Enjoy & Be Happy to find and use it!
It was a lot of time to record, separate and cut the sound effects and then finally export them.
As a user of free game assets your only task and great mission is to find what you want and assign a name to it.
There are about ~1000 files. This is the reason why you see numbers instead of unique names. This is a massive amount of audio.
If you really want to help me, you can help name the files or a part. I will credit your name / channel / site as a special supporter after it.

Hey Bro! Thanks a lot! You got it! :)

I was wondering if anyone would find it and it's very good to see this thing is working. And also good for everyone!

I really hope your game will be successful. Thank you for thinking about me and sending me a copy.
And a thousand thanks for your support! Don't worry about it. You're free to use both in personal and commercial use.

You are one of that kind of people that I made this Faith in Humanity Restored Bundle for.
Keep up the good work too! ;)

I just checked your content and...
Your stuff is very cool!
Keep it up man! :)

Reminds me to Street Fighter 2010 :)

Pretty cool! :)

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Thanks Bro! Let's build your ships or a game! :) 

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Goteeeeeem :D

Thanks bro :) 

Thanks a lot dude! Such a kind comment! :) 

I hope you find it useful too! 

This is my 100th comment on

I'm happy to send it to you. 

Have a nice day! ;)

Yes of course, thanks for asking it! :)

Great Work & nice smooth friendly style! Added to my devlog list. Feel free to tell me if you know more good SFX Generators or other useful (free) audio tools!

Ps.: don't know why but the graphic style (especially color scheme)  a little bit reminds me the HappyTreeFriends series and the Dumb Ways to Die Game :)

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Hey Buddy! I have very good news for you!
We're seriously workin' on new audio packages! :)
Thanks for your interest & support.
I really hope your games will be successful because that is one of the best feelings when you can make money from your creative hobby.
Dont forget to share your game with us if you're finished! ;)

Hey! Thank you for your honest comment! I like it! :)
That's why I call this Faith In Humanity Restored Bundle. Because there are always great people who appreciate the time, work & effort.
Thanks for being one of them! I really hope you can perfectly use my assets in your game(s) and it fits into your plans & ideas.

I believe there are always good people even the world is almost collapsing around us.
Keep it up man & Thanks a lot for your support! Feel free to share with me if you make any good game of them.
Cheers! ;)

Hi! I'm glad you like it :) 

Thanks! And also for asking it. 

Yes of course, no problem! U can use this. Don't forget to share with me if it's finished ;)