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Looks very nice! What's the concept of this lovely little city? :)

I like this style! Very good!

Great & Stylish Blocks!

You're welcome! Me thanks too! I'm also very proud of my great hearted supporters! :) 

I hope you release your game asap! 

I'm waitin' for that great copy :) 

Definitely! No problem, go for it! :) 

Thanks for your kind words & your appreciation! 

Make very successful projects! ;) 

Yes! Good idea! Its's 

I'm waiting for your mail ;) 

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A Thousand Thanks My Friend! :)

You also did something amazing! Thank you for your support & best wishes to you Gautams! ;) 

Unique & Funny idea :)

Very nice & really smooth style blocks!

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Gotta make a Heroes / Etherlords Remake only using this pack :)

Great Style & Unique Tone!

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Thank you for not forgetting about me ;)

I love endless runners. Played a lot of Temple Run some years ago. 

Thank you bro! :) 

Yes of course, go for it! Commercial use is allowed, no problem. Make a really cool project! ;) 

God Bless You Mate! 

You have great heart! Keep it up! 

And a hundred thanks for your long & honest comments! 

Have a very nice day! :)

Hey Chappi! (sorry for my late answer)

A lot of Thanks for your comment & feedback! :) Was very good to read. 

I hope you find all the loops very useful in your future peojects. Please don't forget to send me if that's finished!

The answer to your question: it's not necessary but I'm happy if people do this and don't forget about me ( I always really appreciate it :)

Thanks for your honest comment and your useful tips & advices! Here is the > license information if you are interested.

Definitely! Of course! :) Go for it and dont forget to send me a really cool t-shirt if its's ready! :D

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Hey Bro!

Thank you for this honest and long comment. I see you also put a lot of efford to write it! ;)
And also thanks for guarding me, my work, and the good things! You have a very good point of view.
I really appreciate it! =) Keep it up! This is definitely the type of people and comment(s) I like very much!

First of all: the plot twist in this story is the following...
 (Just for fun...) I'm currently workin' on new loops :D 
FL Studio was blazing in the last some days...

To be really honest...
Sometimes it's hard to handle if people are very critical but a possible way to fix a problem or improve someting.
I also try to learn from these comments / reactions and never see the bad things, only the good things.
I ask myself: What can I learn from these...!?

So that's why I try to "mix & sum" everything in myself to make something better content for everyone.
Maybe my audio loops will be a bit longer in the future but I'm really happy you also like & appreciate these short ones.
Vianamatt! Keep up your positive attitude! Everyone needs some feedback. People really like this kind of honest & kind comments.

Ps.: I understand your joke :) but noone is lesser. We're all equal and we can all learn a lot from each other. As it happened today ;) Thanks for your comments! ^^)

Hey There! :)

Vianamatt! You made my day! Thank you for this honest & very kind comment. This is why I really do this for. This is much more than any money. If I can inspire someone to be a better person (I see you are a very good person) that's also a very good feeling for me. So a lot of Thanks to You too! ;) I hope you find all of my game assets and devlogs very useful!

Ps.: I also try to be a better person. Sometimes it's not easy in this world but never impossible! =)

Thank You! :)
You can get the license info here.

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Thank You for your honest comment Torkile! :) It's very good to hear!
Please let me see that cool project if ready n finished! ;)

License info here.

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Thank you for your honest comment mate! I'm happy to help you. This is what I can do now for people :)
We hope the pandemic time and all the bad things end very very soon in the world. Respect for you too! Have a great day! ;)

Hey Mr.Grey! Sorry for my late answer. Yes of course! You can get it here! Thanks for using my assets & have a nice day! ; )

Thank You Man! Have a nice day! :)

Thank you man! :)

Hi! I really thanks for your appreciaton! :) Yes. Everything is free since June. And of course, definitely! You can use it for commercial purposes, thanks for asking! Go for it & make a great content! ;) If you want to credit me, its: Thanks :)

Thank you mate & you are very welcome! :) 

Thanks for your detailed reply & explanation! 
And A Thousand Thanks for your Support!
Any Available Screenshots? :)

You are a very kind person! ^^)

You're Welcome MM! Have a Great Chess Battle! ;)

Hey there! :)
Thanks! You can find the license here!

Hey There! :)
Thanks for asking!
You can get License info & clear instructions here!  

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Wow! Thanks! :)
It's my turn now: Nice picture, nice glasses, nice hair, nice smile, nice face!
(Sorry... I'm a man :)

It's very good to see girls also use and find my asset packages useful.
Have a nice day! ^^)

Yes, as you can see in the description. Check the devlog for more information & for more sfx generator!

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A Thousands of Thanks to you & for your comment bro! This is definitely made my day! Lot of thanks to you! ^^)

Oh Yeah! ;)

You are very kind bro. Thank you for kindness & your support! ;)

Hello There! :)

You're Welcome, and...

I also thank you for sharing your purpose & plan with me. First of all: You seem to be a very kind and conscientious person! You really don't have to "pay" twice for the same package. Don't feel it & don't feel committed! :) To be honest: I really appreciate any donation or support but I always let people to pay / donate what the really want. This is the main point of this bundle.  So ... as you wish, it's completely your decision. I'm happy if you find these packages useful! And thank you for not forgetting about me in the future! Please let me know & don't forget to share with me if you make a cool chess game by using them! ;)

Best Regards, and...
Have a nice day!

You're Welcome Bro! Very Welcome! :)

Yes of course! Go for it! ;)