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Thanks for your feedback and also using my game assets!
I'm going to check your project asap!
Keep up the good work! ;)

Thx 4 your feedback. 

Short answer here:

All packages were paid earlier.

Enjoy free stuff! 

Have a great day! 


Yeah Bro, CC4, use it however you want. 

Commercial is also ok! 

Credits / link my page = Thank you :) 

Hav a nice day! 

Hey hey! Im gonna check it soon!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks, yeah! ;) 

First Comment Here! Heeeey! :P
Enjoy this new tool! Aaaand...
Feel free to share your experiences with me! ;)

Yes, absolutely! Thanks for asking. If you credit my page I really appreciate that! :)
Only resell is not allowed. If you put my audio in your projects, that's okay!

Hope your project will be successful!
Feel free to share with me! ;)

Ps.: sorry 4 late answer, I always work a LOT

Dear Vespir Belmont!

You made my day! Thank you for your support and your kind comment. Not too much new content nowadays cuz I work a lot. But I'm very happy to see there are people - like you - who really appreciate my work & content. 

Thanks a lot, I wish u make really successful games by using these assets! ;) 

Hi! Sorry for the late answer. I'll check that sfx soon and help you if I can. Thanks for your patience. Now i'm on phone. I'll check it on PC next time! ;) 

Hi Mate! I'm so sorry about late answer. Lot of work nowadays. Thank you for using my assets and your comment. I'll check your game asap I promise. Have a great day! :) 


"Sounds were generated by using BFXR (LINK) as wav." 

Have fun! ;) 

Wow mate! Unity? You are pro! ;)

Looks pretty cool! Nice graphics! ;)

Hey! Thank you for using my assets. Your game looks cool. I'll check it if I finish my work today :) 

Your game is great too! Thank you 4 sharing with us! :) 

Thanks 4 using my game assets bro! ;)

Looks cool :) 

Yes! You can use, no problem! ;)

Your main page has a very good style.
And you also use nice graphics in your games.
Keep it up! ;)


Very impressive graphic style!

Sweet Nintendo memories ;) 

Very nice graphic style, I love it :)

Reminds me of Panzer General DOS Game. Cool assets :)

Great Work! ;)

Looks very nice :)

Nice coverart, funny :)

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Your message reminds me that I have to make better and informative names to my (audio) files :P

No problem for not informing me earlier. Now I understand, thanks. And to be honest I didn't think about it: the sound(tracks). Because you can't see audio in images :P Next time it'll be the first thing that I think :)

You are very welcome mate. I'm happy if you can use my assets in your games and I really hope it's useful for you. Your game reminds me of my very first space (Game Maker) game, very good memories.
Maybe I can find that and send you a screenshot (it happened about ~20 years ago).
What dev tool do you use btw?

Thanks again for your honest comment and the appreciation of new banner. You were the only person I shared it. I hope other people also like it.

And just a funny thing depending on your name. It's AJ To The Moon. I imagined an alternative version of this: MJ To The Moon. And imagine Michael Jackson moonwalking on the moon :D

Just kidding. Have a good night / evening / morning / anything :)

A lot of thanks for your honest & cool answer.
I'll reply asap tomorrow! Thanks 4 your patience ;)

Hello! Thanks for askin' I'm good.  And you? I just changed the main banner on my page. What do you think about that? Is that good?
To be honest I checked your space game and it looks cool but I didn't find any of my game assets in your game. Is that the background? Please help me! And thank you for crediting me! ;)


Haahaa! Very cool! :D

Yeah, Great :)


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Oooooh maaaan! Noooo waaay! :O
Now I realized I forget to reply your kind and long comment :( Please forgive me! Usually I try to write back as soon as possible but the last few months have been very difficult.  A thousand apologies my friend! 

Well! :) First of all: Thanks for your kind words! Your comment was very good to read!
You can use this package for any purposes. Don't worry about it! The whole package is made by me so you have the rights to use it as you want. If this goal is teaching, it is even more inspiring! ;)

Good luck with it and sorry again for the late answer!
And thanks a lot if you may credit / link my page!

Your comment is worth a lot more than money! ;)
This is already a great contribution itself. Thanks a lot!

Good luck with your game making & be successful in "level up" your work!

Thanks or whatever... :)
Have a good trip!

Very nice work!

Thanks for askin, yeah, absolutely! No problem! If you may credit my page, thanks a lot! ;)