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Yeah, that's right! Cute little game ;)

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You're welcome! ;)

Hey Bro!
The Matrix has you.
Please contact me at:
I'm waitin' ;)


Your Music Style is very good! Keep it up!


Good job! ;)

Very good! :)

Tipic Epic Childhood Memories Style. Very good! :)

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Yeah I know, just kidding :) Sorry for the late answer!
Use for:
- own porpuses: OK
- commercial: OK
Crediting me:
- am I happy if you do? YES, Thanks.


Thank you bro! I cheked your game.
This game is very chilled, especially the music but tbh it's a little hard for my brain now. Maybe 'cuz it's nighttime after a long, hard day.
But really good, easy, and simple. Good style. Thanks for sharing it with me! ;)

Verygoodprofessional ;)

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license (or licence) is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something (as well as the document of that permission or permit).


Yeeeeeeaaaaah, huuurraaaay! :D

Digdug + Bomberman + a little bit of Worms and Sonic flashback and voila! Powered by NES memories :)

Eyyyo! Thanks 4 your feedback. Great. I'm going to chck it soon, thank you for telling me and using my game assets. I'm happy if u like it! :)

Heeey AJ!

A newer game again! Thanks a lot for using my game assets. I'll try it asap. Checked the images. Looks cool. Thank u 4 crediting me also! ;)

Thank you for the great feedback bro. I'm really glad u like it! ;)

Hi, Thanks!
CC4, Enjoy! ;)

Bro! To be really honest... I had an issue with it. Dunno why. The browser version didn't start in any browser (Fox, Chrome) so I downloaded.
After it (exe version) give an error message about video card driver or something like this. So I couldn't test it unfortulately, sorry! :(
But we always try to test all the games with my bro. Especially games containing own assets :)

Any tips or idea? I also thanks a lot! Whattodooo now? :O

Ps.: u r very cool to credit everyone but don't forget the fact... You made the programming part of it. And this is also a hard work.
( I know 'cuz I'm currently programming now :D Workin' hard on a new local co-op game )

Yeeeeah! I'm absolutely interested. It's loading, i'm checkin' ;)
Thank you for sharing it with me. I'm so courious about this game!
Very nice and smooth graphic style btw! :)


Hey, Thank you!

Personal, commercial: Yeah, np!
Crediting me: Thanks a lot! ;)


Hi, thank you!
Personal, commercial: OK!
Crediting me: Thank you! ;)

Very nice work. Your Insta page also looks cool! ;)

Aahh, cool! Thank you bro - good to know! ;)
Goin' to check it out asap!

Ps.: I guess I have to make fox assets... :D

So... Is this the game from the Brackey's Unity tutorial?
Totally reminds me to that. And also to Jack Jackrabbits :P

And... to be honest... The game looks very nice!
Thanks for adding me to credits! :)

Ps.: the game name is very funny 

Hi there!

Thank you bro!
I'm going to check your game and write a comment about it on your page asap.

Sorry for my late response & keep up the good work! ;)

Thank you RedTheBird! :)
And sorry for the late response.

Thank you bro!

First of all:
1000 Sorry  for the late answer! :/

Thank you for asking! You can use it for commercial projects. No worries!
Aaaand.... If you give me / my page to credits, thanks a lot! :)

Keep up the good work, and don't forget to share with me if you are finished!
" tyvm :) "

Thank you for sharing with me. 
Will check it out later from phone.

Btw this game looks very funny (i mean nice & smooth graphic style!) and 100% reminds me my very first Game Maker game.
(It was Street Racing, and this is the game that made me start making games and game assets later, cou can also check it out)

Thanks for adding me to credits!
Sorry for the late answer & keep up the good work! ;)

Hey there, and sorry for the late answer!

No, sorry. There are no any icon asset package. 
I planned it a while ago but then I didn't do it.

I hope you found it! ;)

Ps.: but you can resize + add a bg, etc... and make your own versions as you wish.


Hmm, looks cool and nice pixel art style btw!

I'll check it out from my phone!
I wonder how Google Play apperance changed a lot from PC... 
I've seen it a long time ago.

Sorry for my late answer, and...
Thank you for sharing with me! ;)

Thank you bro! You are nice! ;)

Hey hey! 

Thanks a lot 4 your support! 

You find them all in subfolders. 

Tip: you have to searching for *. PSD keyword. That will list all the files for you. 

Hope this helps. 

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Just watched Your vid on YT. Great and very entertaining! ;)