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Having fun with this game, I'll be playing it all the way through


You're welcome. Awesome can't wait to playing it.

Great game, I really enjoyed it.

I loved the game just wish it was a little longer but other than that excellent work.

Your team did an awesome job. You're welcome

you're welcome 

Really that's awesome. I would love to play when your team puts it out.

I really enjoyed the game. The suspense had me thinking there'd be a jumpscare lol but still enjoyed despite there not being one

I really enjoyed your game.

I really enjoyed this game despute quitting through it lol. I love the artwork and atmosphere of the game. 

I loved and enjoyed the game. 

I'm enjoying the game so far. I will be uploading a part 2

Enjoyed the game but had a bit of a problem with it lagging. Other than that I like the game. 

you're welcome. If you do please let me know I would love to play it

I had fun playing your game,

please make a sequel 

you're welcome.

Enjoyed playing the game may do a part 2

Loved the game

I enjoyed this guy, but would be nice if the candles lasted longer

I enjoyed the game despite not getting far 

I really enjoyed the game. It was more comical than horror 

I enjoyed the game 

Thanks I'm going to try it again 

That would be awesome since I do better with a controller. You're welcome :)

I enjoyed your game. I kept dying so I played as much as I could 

Great game I'm enjoying it so far  

Here's my other vid for the rest of the endings

I am enjoying the game so far. I'll be doing another part for the bad endings.

I really enjoyed playing your game. I am looking forward to when the full game is released.