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Best game ever. 10/10 recommend 

Beautiful, feels like I travelled back in time!

Cool Game! Love the low poly art style :)

In the end, I got a key bug and couldn't pick it up but other than that it is pretty awesome :)

This game has so much potential! Looks a lot like Karlson and Doom in one! The art style is amazing and would be a really fun round-based game!

The game idea is awesome :) Nice job!

In love the idea of this game! I'm very impressed and it's also fun and eerie! Keep it up 🙌

I don't have words. This game is absolutely amazing and the lighting really sells it! The true interactivity that it has to offer shows me that you are heading in the right direction!

One of the funniest games I've ever played 😂 Keep up the good work!

Super fun game with a really nice art style! Recommend playing

Was super similar to the Blair Witch project style! Blair Witch is one of my favorite horror games ever and this deserves a place in that category!

Love the art style! Got a little curious while playing...

Confusing.. I love it!

This game was absolutely amazing. The story was really sad and almost made me cry and it's truly inspiring!

Holy crap! I have no words. The art style is absolutely amazing and this game was a whole entire fever dream. Keep it up!

Holy crap this game is absolutely amazing. Wasn't many jump scares and couldn't get the good ending but was very creepy! Love lost footage horror games so this was a gold mine!

Holy crap this art style is absolutely amazing! Love the voxel art, guys, keep it up!

Awesome game, has a strong future.

Creepy! Love the idea and the look of the game!

Love the art style

Hilarious! Loved it, cheers.

Awesome idea! The ending was a little weird when the audio just cut out but other than that this game is amazing.

The sound design and concept is absolutely amazing! Though it has no jump scares, the lore behind it makes up for it.

Awesome project! The apartment was dope.

Creepy! Graphics were awesome and felt really high budget!

Awesome game! The optimization needs a little work but other than that sweet game! 

Saw the vid on yt and couldn't wait for the release. Kinda sad about multiplayer but the textures and models are awesome! How many tris are in the project itself?

Super smart and made me crack up! Awesome job

This is one of the greatest horror games on itch when it comes to scare factor! The jump scares really got me and the lore was pretty sick too! 

This game was hilarious and super dumb :) Awesome physics btw

I really liked the art style and the sudden change of events was quite an experience!

You did an amazing job with the atmosphere and was pretty creepy too! I hope you make an extended version.

Sweet game with an awesome art style and original idea!