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Really cool game idea! Well put together and fun.

I enjoyed this game! The atmosphere was awesome and just what I'd want from an analog horror game. Keep it up!

This game is sick. Love the concept and can’t wait to see new updates!

Really unique game, keep it up!

Really well made game! Keep it up!

This game was terrifying! Well made!

This game was fire, keep it up!

Gameplay at 4:25

Genuinely amazing game.

Gameplay at 1:40.

This was... beautiful.

Gameplay at 0:13

Please keep this series going 😭😭 I love these games so much 

Best Minecraft horror game on BY FAR!! Great work!

Gameplay at 1:49

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This game was heat! 🔥🔥 Keep up the great work!

Game at 0:15

The ending was WILD. eerie game and perfected the analog horror feel. The transitions were a little long but the game was great!

Gameplay at 15:25

I loved this game so much. The way it switched from the tape to the POV was amazing and made this game really unique!

Gameplay at 09:31

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THIS game was PERFECTLY made. I'm a big fan of analog horror and this did a great job at creeping me out!

Gameplay at 0:07

Made me angry at first but very well made!

Gameplay at 2:44

Funny short horror game! Very well made :)

Game played at 0:21

Super eerie game! One of the best short games I've played on :)

I played the demo and I just have to say the game is looking amazing! I can't wait to see more! KEEP IT UP!!!

Creepy short game and I really like the backrooms addition! Keep it up!

So fun! I really enjoyed playing it and I can't wait for more games! Keep up the great work man!

So cool! I really love the mechanics and the idea. Can't wait to see more! Keep it up!

Creepy and well done! Keep it up!

Super trippy and left me confused, awesome game! Kept it up!

The concept is sick! Super eerie and unsettling. Really enjoyed it!

so cool! Kept me anxious and a super creative idea. Keep it up!

Really enjoyed the tasks involved and the art style was great! Keep it up!

Creepy short game with a nice and interesting premise! Keep it up!

Nice short game!

Cool disturbing game! Keep it up!

The design is awesome! Keep it up!

Cool and eerie short game! Keep it up!

Sick short game!! The ending was so cool!

This short game was amazing! Genuinely one of the best I've ever played. The story was awesome and the graphics and it was just overall very enjoyable! Keep it up!

Eerie game! Quick and fun I really enjoyed it :)

I like the looming eeriness of the game! Well made!

Uncomfortable, and truly an experience! Nice game!

Very cool short game! I really enjoyed playing Dispatch and the concept was really fascinating!

This game was cool! I like the physics-based gameplay and the idea is awesome: