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Game's Not Over

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GREAT GAME! It was tense, the atmosphere helped create a terrifying and beautiful environment! I did feel as if the difficulty could be picked up slightly, just felt like there was quite a bit of downtime without the potential to be scared. But I absolutely loved it! Keep up the WONDERFUL work!

Gosh...This is SUCH a great game! I'm not kidding, this may be one of my favorite games of the year...AND IT'S IN ALPHA!!! I love the game and here the second video of my "Police Stories" playthrough!

Such a SCARY yet ADORABLE game!

I have to admit...I wasn't expecting to scream as much as I did when I first saw this game...but...I did...

Here is my gameplay of "Nosferatu's Lair of Doom." (Gameplay starts at 18:22) I hope you enjoy the video, but MOST IMPORTANTLY you NEED to try this amazing game!

POSSIBLY the scariest game I've EVER played...This game could take you days OR it could take just one sitting to complete.

The complete and utter helplessness you feel while playing this game is very rare to see in games. This game doesn't hold your may need to find someone to hold your hand after seeing your first monster! 😂

I can happily say I beat the game and here is my video of the "Otherwordly," gameplay. (Starts at 6:28) I hope you enjoy the video and you try this great game for yourself!

Such a GREAT and SHORT game! I would HIGHLY recommend for a quick scare! 👌

Here is my gameplay of "Ribeye Charlie's," (Gameplay starts at 1:03) and I can't wait to see if....there...may be a sequel?! 🤔

Played it. Genuinly screamed at it. Loved it.

Although you can tell at times that it is still a demo, it took well over an hour for me to complete and I enjoyed almost EVERY second of it...The times I didn't enjoy it were when I was...dead...BUT I would highly recommend and I can't wait for the full release!

My "Indie-D" Ranking: 7.9/10

This game can provide moments that will leave you stressed, sad, laughing, and just angry...BUT all of those are for the right reasons! LOVED the game, even with it only being an alpha build! Can't wait for the full release!