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Stunning visuals! Good luck :)  

Outstanding :) 

Playing this game was a very relaxing experience , well done :) 


Unfortunately we were not prepared to deploy to the web and we had to deploy as quick as possible or we couldn't make it.

Thanks for playing :) 

Totally agree, control needs improvements.

Appreciate your comment.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing :) 

الله يعافيك

Thanks for playing Sara :) 

Appreciate your comment, as you said updates are necessary for better experience!

Thanks! appreciate your comment :) 

Great idea! Rated :) 

This is very similar to my game  !! but yours got what they call it "The game feel" . Loved it and surely deserves high rating among other games, good luck  :) 

Awesome! great start!

Good job :)

Me too :)

Nice! but the jumping needs a lot of work and I think no need for instructions with too much text. For a platformer game, it is commonly known that the character always moves by arrows (or/ and ) WSDA keys, and the obstacles are obvious too, so no need for too much text to alert the user about them.  Rated! :) 

Amazing !

Cool! Loved  it!

Great graphics ! but character movement is not the best :(

The game is not showing in the browser version :(

Nice work!

I like the art style! Good job :)

Good job!

There is a problem in the browser version of your game. 

 "Downloading failed: 
HTTP error 403 on file "

Well done :)


But I can't hear any sounds or music background :(

Thanks! appreciated.