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Awesome game! could I please put this on my gaming application for web games GamerWorld?

Cool game but the movement and jump speed need to be fixed, it's way to fast.

your welcome 馃榿

You can actually run this in wine

Ahh I see. I hope we can work together, Gamer world gives web devs a instant way to give gamers there games without the dev needing to download or compile new versions since it's web based on a multi-platform gaming application and it also comes with a news section for game news so if you have any news updates please let me know. :)

Oh yeah cool, I hope you find a great composer for this game! sound effects sound good also what do you mean the Completed level screen is really bad now and redrawing the screen? also can you make the game rescale to full window size? I have added your game to my gaming application called Gamer World (new UI is coming soon) so you will see your game on the new UI when released :D

It's a gaming application for awesome web games like yours and will be similar to steam but a mix of, game jolt but better as games on the application perform much better and best of all it's a open source platform for all operating systems.

really needs music and more sound effects as well as a completed level screen

The controls make no sense at all, why would you use left and right click if your using the WASD for the menu and space bar for submit cheat / submit hold?

You should use n or k for enter/select and either k or m for back also the cheat button should be part of the UI and not a separate button tho I would suggest a control change option for anyone who wants to change them.

Other than the controls the game is a cool retro style west poker game so good job :)

Hey just wanted to comment to ask if you would like your cool game to be supported by Gamer World?

Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't find Type for class '$OreEntry'

Bug found, needs game speed limited, when the game is running over 60 fps the game speed is really fast.

Music plays but the games is just a grey box..

Yeah there is a method, buy a better PC with a graphics card...

Or just upgrade to a newer OS..

Chrome does support mouse in full screen actually...

Annoying minor setback tho while it's running on Gamer World, it tells me that you need to allocate more memory for the game. :( 

"Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings"

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This game is great and you have done the menu so well not to mention for controllers and controller support wise very nice job! also forget about the Windows or any other build, the WebGL version works great, I'll put this on Gamer World which is a gaming application that's focused on Gamers  and helps support web developers with a better platform to develop and share their games on also with the uncapped performance unlike on browsers you will get the best performance around and best of all its open source and multiplatform making your game work out of the box for everyone! if you need a link for the Windows or Linux version (mac is not yet ready) just let me know :D

Need to fix this minor issue tho, :(

"Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings"

Colossorama communityCreated a new topic Game is awesome

Hey I am adding your awesome game to my gaming application Gamer World to help support you and get your game more known, Gamer World focuses on gaming and helps web developers by giving them a better platform to develop on and giving much better performance for games as that is what it is built and focused for. I Will be adding your support button in the up coming UI update and wanted to let you know that there is no performance issues using the web version, it runs fine and will run even better within Gamer World with uncapped performance compared to a browser out of the box. If you want the download link for the free and open sourced application I can give a link, the app is multi platform :) 

haha that's okay and cool! 

ill try it out and give you feed back on how it goes, thanks for the awesome support and looking out for all platforms equally. :)

Tachyons communityCreated a new topic nice job
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This game is pretty awesome, need to add more character customisation and more sound effects for the jet pack and music ect but I like the progress of this game so far.

awesome, can't wait to try out the game when it's fixed :D

Please port to Linux

Doesn't download when i click the download button

Can you please fix the graphical glitches on the Linux version please