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It was very addictive, I'm telling you. You could develop a series of games like this, there's always a public to these kind of stuff! Hope you keep developing this kind of games!

Amazing game!

Addictive mechanic and easy to grind perks. Played for a couple hours until being able of getting to the last round. 

And this is how I beat it in 5 minutes:

Great game buddy! Concerned about sleeping a lot on the playthrough, but the blinking mechanic was awesomely done and very well thought.

Gameplay and opinions here: 

Played the full game on Steam! 

And what an awesome game/experience! I'm now more aware of what I'm doing, even though unconsciously.

Looking forward to another games like this from you, Jordan!

Gameplay and opinions here:

What is this game? I've only died and didn't understood how to get the carpet :(

I loved the style and mystery, but it wasn't easy to grasp what i should do in it.

Opinions and gameplay here.

This game is awesome! That guy chasing us is incredible scary! 
Please keep developing these games!

The gameplay and some opinions are here: 

I hated this! It is too hard! I got sweat in like 2min playing this! But I too loved it.

Loved enough that I've played and recorded my struggle here: 

What a great gameplay! Hard and difficult to coordinate both sides of my brain and got harassed by some emails I've received!

Loved the game and finally got to some high scores. 

Great game! Great idea and good execution. But I saw some problems with understanding how you lose the rounds and how you're supposed to win them.

Gameplay and my opinion about it here: 


Such an awesome game! I wish I was able to kill that cthulhu, but I'm just an apprentice!

Gameplay and opinions below:

Excellent and easy gameplay. Opinions and gameplay here

Loved the game! Amazing gameplay and great sense of progression through the play time.

Gameplay and opinions here:

It got me so scared, really. Never saw a jumpscare like this, it is a shame on me. But I really loved it.

Gameplay and opinions here: 

Great work on that, indeed! Please, keep developing games! This kind of devotion is what the industry needs. :D

Amazing game! Great physics and gameplay!

Enjoyed from the beginning to the end of my gameplay. Hope you keep developing such games based on physics, loved it!

Gameplay and opinions below :D

This game is for me indeed. Loved the gameplay, but it became to scary at the end. Wasn't able of finishing it.

Never heard about this game before, and I feel sorry about it. 

Such amazing and fluid gameplay that engaged me from the beginning to the end. 

Great game! Even though I wasn't able of advancing the story as much as I wanted, this game is very well done.

Wish you continue with your series, as long as possible, with this high-quality games.
Gameplay and opinions below:

This is really amazing! Can't say good enough such a piece of art with deep meaning.

Congratulations, indeed! 

Now the complete playthrough with both endings (at the moment of recording):

Really loved this game! Needed to record two videos about it, due to lack of time on the first video.

But damn! What a fine piece of indie game! Please keep developing this kind of games (even a sequel or prequel sounds good).

Amazing game and atmosphere. Many tiny tips for us to follow. But I think that's the main idea of the game

This is the complete gameplay of the demo and my opinions at the end: 

This is an amazing game! 5-star rating, for sure!

Loved the physics, even though it needs some training to get started. And I'm impressed with the lote. Definitively can have a prequel or a sequel. 

I simply loved it. Gameplay video with my opinions at the end:

This game is soo good. It almost made me throw up. 

Loved the confusion it brought to the gameplay. Sometimes it was too much to me, but I guess this is the goal, right?

Great Jusiv!

I'll definitely take a look at these games.

Keep developing!

This game is amazing! Great gameplay with difficulty and good AI.

Awesome project! Hope you keep developing this kind of games!

Amazing game! Those wolves were very tricky!

Loved it very much! Please keep working on more games like this.

Complete gameplay and opinions on the end: 

Loved the atmosphere!

Wasn't able of advancing through the gameplay, but the atmosphere was very cool!

This is the gameplay and my opinion at the end. 

Such amazing game with amazing introspection with very deep subjects.

Hope you continue to develop such games. It was a pleasure to play it.

Only thing that didn't came along is that the card game itself isn't that entertaining, due to the lack of interaction with Death itself. 

Dude! Just gotta say: I didn't get it. Any of it. 

But it doesn't mean that is a bad game. I just don't get it. 

This is the "gameplay" and my opinions at the end. 

ohhhh! I see! That unorthodox stuff is what gets me every time. Thanks for the tip though! 

Nah, only two specific drawers that are locked (on purpose I guess), but I wasn't able of opening them at all.

I wasn't able of finding anything that could help me opening them too... :/

Well, what suits you better :D

Just saying that you might have a public for these games that might want to pay for them if you keep working on them :D

Man, I couldn't find whatelse to do after my husband is taken away to the house on the backyard. I just found his glasses and wasn't able of opening all the other drawers :(.

Really loved the game, but wasn't able of advance too much due to that. :(

Thanks for the kind words Skinner! Hope you keep making this game and you eventually release it at full price.

If you could make the commands more easy it would help though. Like WASD arrows to move, but Z or shift to dash and space to jump would make it easier to play.

But anyway, really glad of being able to play this! :D

Man! That game is good! Funny and challenging!

Loved the idea behind it, not a lot of games have the courage to do what you did (kill someone important on a game).

This is the complete playthrough and my opinions at the end.

THIS GAME IS HUGE! I really loved the gameplay and the music! It made me jump in excitement on my chair.

This is the complete playthrough with my opinion at the end. This game will be huge and I'm looking forward for it to be released as a full game!

That's great to hear Maricu! 

Count on me on playing and recording more videos about your games.