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Gamery Den

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Washing Laundry has always been scary 馃槀

Nice game definitely took a turn at the end

Gotta be the clapper at his own game

Love the demo for Number 2, super excited to learn more and hopefully rescue wooly!

But But why the dog again 馃ゲ

Nightmare Mode got me really good , I threw out my voice !!!

I really enjoyed this game and the epic showdowns was really cool. Still don't like Pablo but that's fine I'll deal with him on the next game.ENJOY!!!

This game is amazing breathtaking and I can't wait for Chapter 3 

Everyone voted on this game on my poll and I'm so glad they all did, this game is a true gem and can't wait to finish editing the next 2 chapters I've recorded. Definitely give this game a go!!!

I think this one went smoothly

I really enjoyed the game and acting like a telephone operator sometimes. I would definitely recommend this game and what a great ending also.

This game is a lot of fun, a little worried I guessed a good couple of the questions right lol
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Peaches, Peaches Peaches Peaches

Peaches 馃憤馃徏

Was kinda crashing in the beginning alot but I managed to get it working and it was a lot of fun 

Really fun game,so far I'm loving the series.

I guess I'm not that bad at Spanish, Take that Unolingo I will never study my Spanish again 馃ぃ

I really enjoyed this game

I've previously played your game "Terror at Oakheart" and Loved it. I also remember the other game "Suffer the Night" which i have to give it another go because my graphics card was too weak and the recording lagged. This one looks amazing and I can't wait to play the full game, love your style in horror games. 

Really enjoyed the first part, very interesting and can't wait to see more.

This Is a fun game really enjoyed it.

I love this reminds me of the good ol times in Red Dead Redemption

I really enjoyed the experience it was creepy and fun

What a cool game, I really enjoyed it and don't worry the game didn't turn my camera blue it was a recording software issue now fixed 馃ぃ

I can't wait to see more of this game, I can't wait. Really hope we get an imaginary friend too

Amazing story telling I was hooked in and the snowman got me good, happy holidays

Santa got me really good here I might need a new microphone for Christmas Santa 馃ぃ

Really enjoyed the game, happy holidays

This game got me good, I did not suspect the ending 馃ぃ

I enjoyed the build up , it was very fun and interesting and creepy

very cool game, I love the concept of being chased while playing a regular kids game

Not bad, really fun and interesting

Gave this game another run but I still can't win, it's such a great game

Already did a Part 2 of the game I'll be posting it soon 馃憤馃徏

Really cool creepy game, got me good and the ending was very unsuspecting

What a great addition to the collection, I love this one alot it got me good alot of times

This game got me really good I almost broke my display 馃ぃ. Great game the suspense killed me

I enjoyed this game a lot, I can't wait for Chapter 2, I am really hooked on the lore.

I like this game, it's weird and creepy.

This game got me so good alot of times, I absolutely love it


This game is so much fun but so random, I love it and the challenge