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I like this game it's funny and weird 馃ぃ

Had To Check This Game Out!!!! I am so glad I did, I couldn't stop jamming along with the song and kept dying but it was so worth it. Glad I caught this on TikTok!

Really fun game and fun boss battle

Really enjoyed the new update 馃憤馃徏

This game is so much fun I enjoyed making fun stories

I always enjoy a good classic slasher horror game

Such a Fun Game, I love it!

I love the story it was very unique and cool, I tried to see if there was different combinations for other endings, that would have been cool

Really fun game love that twist in the end

The game is nice and I really enjoy the lore so much but my ONLY issue would be the price as the last one was $4.99 and more action and this one is $9.99 and there was a lot of dialog. I am still looking forward to the next game, as I mentioned I really enjoy the story a lot.

I'm really excited to see how far this game will go , I could do without the aliens that like to punch you 馃ぃ

Played the demo a while ago before the full game came out.It was fun but for some reason my security alerted me the game tried to use my camera and cancelled it 馃ぃ so I think I ruined the jumpscare.

I love the Black Cat Update, but justice for Newt please 馃ズ can't wait for the next part

Such a Treasure of a game, I enjoy every moment of this game until the very end

I enjoyed this game very much. I can't wait to see the other world where we got teleported too and find out if those tapes are victims.

This game is a lot of fun I really enjoyed it, it was a bit hard with the motion part but I got the hang of it. Great job 馃憤馃徏

This game got me so good so many times. I don't know why , I saw it coming but yet it got me so good. What a classic , good job on this game.

I did not appreciate that ghost at all 馃ぃ but it got me very good I can't stay mad lol

I enjoyed the game but I have the worst sense of direction so I never say the end coming 馃ぃ

Really enjoyed the game, it was fun. I didn't realize I had to look for the ammo and spent a good time running 馃ぃ

Love it, so many movie references I could make. I love Sci-fi so this was very exciting to play.

Really fun game , if only it was that easy to get a play button lol

Wonderful game , got me really good. Hope your grandmother gets well.

I enjoy this game a lot and all the possibilities there is when you change the channels. I felt like I got stuck a couple of times and the secrets are amazing.

I played Candy Scabs a while ago on my channel and recognized the art style right away. This game is incredibly interesting and left me with so much questions, can't wait for the next part.

I fail at life, I couldn't even tell if an anomaly would be in my home

Love the suspense, it got me really good!

Very fun game, love the snail pace chase had my anxiety up the roof 馃ぃ

This was really fun , but I have questions why the furry friend wants to eat me 馃ぃ

Welcome to the Deer Backrooms where there is no escape!

I Love this combo so much, anything Fnaf and Iron Lung sign me up. I always say there is nothing more creepier than being underwater and feeling helpless. Lixian you outdid yourself with this game and I highly recommend it to everyone. It did crash a couple of times with me but it's on my part since my pc is old and hates Unity games sometimes lol, but I manage to get the job done, and I enjoy this experience so much especially Hard Mode!!! 

I love this and the fish customer who can do a 360 with his head !!! 馃ぃ

Such a fun game, loved all the endings but why did you have to take the guitar away!!!!!!

I enjoyed the concept it was fun and frustrating when I couldn't get it right. Really enjoyed the game.

I love how the story is progressing, I am getting a bit confused on who is the villain but it's all good that just adds more fun. Hope there are more jumpscares in the next one kinda ruined the funniest one by looking up 馃ぃ.

Another amazing game made by you, this one made me jump twice with my slap hand ready. Keep up the great work.

This game for me so good , I'm actually terrified of some faces I recognize as a kid. Love the creep factor and the fact you have to listen to the radio the entire time makes it so scary. I really tried but I'm happy with just 1 pinecone I got as a gift 馃槀

I love the journey this game took to get all the way here. I enjoyed covering update after update and it was all leading to this amazing game full of secrets and lore. My favorite.

really love the short horror game. The suspense and just thinking your doing your job is really great touch.