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I liked this game , gave me a great laugh which I really needed 馃槀馃榿

It was fun just narrating the lives of people that are asking let me see where the sound is , let's not call the cops 馃槀

Video begins 3:04

Moral of the story never talk to strangers, enjoyed the fun short game also 

Video begins : 7:55

Really enjoyed the game.Had me for a few jumpscares, I always enjoy a good scare. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing a full length game cause this is really fun and amazing 

Really had fun with the game. The game is creepy and funny when your trying not to get scared so you start a random conversation with the mannequin 馃槀

Very fun game , I kinda missed the car in the beginning and when I went to play it the 2nd time I was onto Lamu's tricks 馃槀.

I absolutely did not leave the customer in the shop and I absolutely Did not get locked out of the store causing her death ....... I think......... And I absolutely was not having a party during all of this. 

Another great game by you!!!!! I'm wondering if I'm seeing a small lore but that's just me I love lores. The only thing I kinda wish was the option to take the map with you but once you get the hang of it you know what to do.

This game is really fun , and just in time for Halloween. Absolutely love it, however I'm confused if I messed up the game when I wasn't chased by the slasher?

Really nice game, the only issue is the walking but I love how the story develops.

I really enjoyed the game, kinda over reacted thinking they were going to come alive and chase me.

I really Really Enjoyed this performance!!!! I love how it switches from different characters and told their stories and perspectives. Love the art style and the atmosphere.

I really like this game but why the shadow man came for me 3 times 馃ぃ !!!!! It is also very terrifying for me because it remind me of a nightmare when I was younger. Really love the concept and everything.

What can I say but I love everything about this game, both chapters are fun and the artwork is always beautiful. What got me curious is the choices , when you replayed them if you die the narrative changes a bit and I even ended up with the voice I believe. This game is really wonderful and I wonder how many choices I can make and where they will lead me. Can't wait for Chapter 3

Really had fun with the game , it would really cool if something did happen while you was looking your surroundings. Overall really enjoyed the game.

Really great demo, very interested on where the story takes us and if we will ever find the poor dog

I really enjoyed the game but I feel so trolled knowing that I couldn't turn around, It also would have been super cool if there was 2 endings. Overall really great game

Very nice game , great graphics, the noises got me creeped out. I would love to learn who the guy is though 

I had fun with this one and just had a great laugh with the washtub part. There was a couple of opps but overall I like it a lot.

I really enjoy the game , so far your games are really fun. I love how you really have to think and observe your options to beat the game. This one was stressful but was really fun.

Game begins 16:46

I love that there was a new update and made the lore so much more interesting, but I really do wish it was longer and had more to do with another ending choice.

really enjoyed the game alot, I always enjoy games that have a nice story and is challenging to figure out. Getting all the endings is totally worth it and the ju.pscares really got me good

Game begins 5:49

There really was no free money at the end. Still great game and really great graphics 

Silly bunny markers

are not for rituals 馃槉

Nice game, has a lot of potential with the ending. Overall really enjoyed it

What can I say I love the game. If I ignore the creepiness of the game which I'm not saying is bad, but gives me nightmares instead 馃ぃ this adds to the lore of Andy's Apple Farm. I do hope it's a connection because it does seem a little random that pumpkin was there. But for a classic retro feel I enjoy the game , I love the music and I had super fun playing the game and unlocking which I hope all the secrets . Great job on this game I love retro games .

This game is really fun and funny also how I kept arguing with the drill because it kept needing maintenance. This game also got my anxiety going alot too towards the end.

A really great game with beautiful visual. I really enjoyed the experience and I would like to check if my vr system is works with this.I do really wish that the story was told more because it sounded very interesting

It took me a hour but I managed to get the BARTENDERS NUMBER!!!!!!, It took forever but was worth the extra work. Love the graphics and the story I am really excited to get more numbers in the game 

Really nice experience, I think I may have messed up and hide from the lady instead of letting her chase you . But I really like the graphics and was really nice experience.

A really beautiful game, I love the art style. Reminds me of Tim Burton. The story is very lovely and I can't wait for Chapter 2

Not sure if I'm playing the game wrong, I was

I was trying to find the lore and got the secret tape after that nothing new really happened. I'll try again if the game updates with any additional lore.

Game begins at 5:01 , I absolutely have no idea how I finished the game, what I was doing but the amount of sharks that chased me was so funny. 

Really love the creepy vibe and the random cars trying to hit you. The jumpscare really got me too

Really great game and a nice twist of the story. I wasn't sure if the collectibles had any plot to the story because I missed so much as soon as I saw something moving in the field. The underwater was a bit foggy to maneuver but I managed to pass it. Overall really great job I love the surrealism concept, it is my my favorite art style.

What can I say , I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME. It reminds me of Earthbound so much, which is one of my favorite game. The weird enemy's you encounter are so funny and creepy and omg the truck fight was hard but PERFECT!!!!!! It had the same difficulty as if you was playing an Earthbound game. There secrets I wanted to find out and the progress is amazing. This demo is so much fun I really wanted to countinue the game so bad.

Really love this game but I would love to learn more about the character, has great potential

What a classic 馃槀

Really fun game and super funny , damn bret didn't want to play fair

This makes me more excited to play Choo - Choo Charles when the game releases. The graphics are so amazing !!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!