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oh i see, i tried doing multiple more cult bonuses and i can see it getting the bonus as intended, but i think there might be something wrong with the influnce production value of the cultists.

currently getting 1.25 out of an initiate but its telling me the influnce production for each is 6.25

other cultists seem to be the same making the influence producion 5x more than the actual influence it should give.

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don't know if this is only for me but the god of cult bonus does not work as it says it does.

it says im getting 61.75 influence/sec but the units tell me i should be getting 123,5 / sec ?

Edit: im using the browser version

pretty cool game, it was a nice experience!

I am having some problems with uploading maps, it gives me the message "Server error" all the time, i have tried many to test with AI in both FFA, Team and flags, and all waypoints are set,  Can i get some help please

Cuz baby tonight!!

oh my god it works again!, i dont know why but i think i might have done the wrong download or something xD

when i try to open the 1.0b version of the game, it simply wont run, i have tried extracting, and other stuff, but it dosen't want to work

it doesn't want to work with the 1.0b

dont worry, I like it and I will keep it. It makes it look much greater!

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so i started playing and i made this map called wooden house base, when i desided to play on it, i saw some things that i havent edited on my map and it just made the map look insane!!

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hi i was wondering if there is ever going to be any healing guns for like bases and stuff, i love the game and i think this game could be good if you like added smoke coming from the thrusters when you drive, that would be cool!! i love the game a lot!!