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I am having some problems with uploading maps, it gives me the message "Server error" all the time, i have tried many to test with AI in both FFA, Team and flags, and all waypoints are set,  Can i get some help please

Cuz baby tonight!!

oh my god it works again!, i dont know why but i think i might have done the wrong download or something xD

when i try to open the 1.0b version of the game, it simply wont run, i have tried extracting, and other stuff, but it dosen't want to work

it doesn't want to work with the 1.0b

dont worry, I like it and I will keep it. It makes it look much greater!

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so i started playing and i made this map called wooden house base, when i desided to play on it, i saw some things that i havent edited on my map and it just made the map look insane!!

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hi i was wondering if there is ever going to be any healing guns for like bases and stuff, i love the game and i think this game could be good if you like added smoke coming from the thrusters when you drive, that would be cool!! i love the game a lot!!