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is this finish?

is this finish?

alien vs predator is now a free game?

guessed  the license expired.


sweet, cool.

cool, sweet

how many levels are we talking?

will there be more levels?

can you post screenshots?

will this be a full game?

is this a full game?

is this still being work on?

cool sweet.

oh cool. 

so a new story sweet.

how many levels ae we talking here?

is this a full game? how many levels?

cool idea. will this be a resemble of wolf 3d levels?

how do you create a preset for a mod?

i see. so it can be ethier. 

cause i have 1920x1080 monitor. but could be my monitor is becoming outdated cause it is old now. 

i am getting a new one. 

so i can add afadoomer's mod or is there a  fix for this mod? 

is the mod still being updated? 

am i allowed to updated the zbloody hell mod to the new version? 

is there a way to fix consolidated wolfenstein 3d main menu? all teh words are mixed up together? 

i see. hmm. i may considered ater down the road.

this is only for unity correct? do i need to rename mine? i don't have unity.

Normally i would put it in a different folder in gzdoom folder location. 

 gzdoom\campaign wads

it worked well before. 

so i put the file names in target line. iwad doom.wad or doom2.wad an thne it work usually.

so -iwad doom2.wad -file doom_complete.pk3

sometimes it load all episodes an soemtime sit won't

i don't know what i did now. it works now. but, it was a hassle getting it to worked.

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sorry for all the deleted osts. can't help it. i am always figuring it out on my own. But, this issue im not sure why it no longer works with gzdoom.

im wondering is doom_complete.pk3 works for gzdoom? caus eit seems no matter the version of the wads. it won't work with gzdoom. 

any idea?

how should SIGIL.WAD file b e name?

will this work for DELTA Touch?

this has been added to the new wadsmoosh update?

is this being supported still?

don't bring politics into discussion please, that is his beyond technical limits. there is nothing he can do around that, don't bring unnecessary discussions please.

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what Does SIGIL_shreds not found mean?

can you add: the lost episodes of doom & back to Saturn episodes 1 to 3 please?

is the LZDoom supported for this version?

i see thank you for your help:) cool project though, i enjoying it:)

thank you, for your help.

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oh i see, i thought i had to put them in a folder, opps. thanks. also, is there only 20 files for master levels or 21? i saw teeth wad is suppose to be a two part one? or no?

Also, can you make one for wolfenstein 3d and its 3 expansion packs too?

how do i load this in the command line with doom_complete.pk3?

How do i add master levels to doom_complete? i forgot how to do it. do i