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some indication of when the parry is ready would help combat rhythm a lot, I feel

a fun game overall, but the time limit seems unnecessary

as a game where you die a lot and you're expected to start from the very beginning on death, having such a slow game over sequence be fully unskippable makes it really discouraging to play

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well made, and quite fun. my main complaint is a couple of the rites don't really serve much purpose, particularly the healing one (since you only heal while below 20% health, and even at max health most monsters will instantly kill you at the health level, so getting healed to stay there doesn't mean much)

also a button to pull up a level map would be nice

the puzzles are neat and the gameplay is good, but the fact there's only one song for the entire game, the arbitrary wait time on restarting, and the constant shifting of the squares you walk on gets really annoying when needing to retry a difficult puzzle

It's pretty fun, my main complaint is that I have zero clue what the stats do and half the time the "[stat] up" text goes away so quickly I can't tell what I actually gained

very well made, my only complaint is that it's kind of hard to find your way around due to how similar all the environments are and how unhelpful the guiding glyphs are

the base concept is fun, and the execution is alright, but the total lack of checkpoints within fairly long levels coupled with the required precision platforming over instant death pits make it really hard to keep patience with the game

Played a few levels. The game seems promising, but I am *not* consigning myself to holding the shift key the entire time for the sake of moving at a speed fast enough to do the platforming the game expects to be done in every level.

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really? ending your game with a cliffhanger? it *was* a good game, but you've pretty much torpedoed any trust I had in you delivering a story worth being invested in with that move.

The base game has potential, but I feel like the ability to theorycraft (and thus a lot of the fun) is cratered by the fact you have almost zero control over what the upgrade items do to your prospective equipment. 

If you've got a particular build going, and you see a good item but want to boost it a bit, you essentially have to roll the dice on if the part of the equipment you actually
want is completely deleted or not.

The rest of the game is a lot of fun, but this flaw is fatal in my opinion.

a couple of glitches I noticed, since I really like the game and want to help development:

the rewind function doesn't work in the windows download version of the game

also in the windows download, pressing the O key instantly finishes the level and returns to the world map

the game handles rather well, and the dash mechanic could be interesting if expanded upon. however i couldn't get very far as it was uncomfortable to control, given the fact that the dash key was mapped to shift. an alternate button would go a very long way into improving the controls.

the idea this game has is pretty good, and would be awesome with some elaboration. However the game has a notable flaw, in that the movement system is rather imprecise.  You speed up too fast on the ground but can barely control movement at all in the air, making platforming  more difficult than it would be otherwise.

the game runs fine on firefox, from what I can tell. it's kind of confusing having to face in the direction opposite to where you want to go while firing, but the game overall is pretty good.

I managed to score an 8/8, and I must say this game was rather creative. I'm also going to just mention, for those curious, that the TOjam this game was made for has the theme of "uncooperative".  that is all.

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I'd like to preface this by saying that I've never listened to any of this group's music before. but even so, this game is awesome! the amount of effort taken to make sure that everything is on beat, from the enemies to the platforms to each explosion and even the spikes.

the music itself was also really good, but I'm not really big into music so take that with a grain of salt. my only real complaint is that you have to start from the very beginning, going through all the stages to get back to where you were.

Short version: this game is great.

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This is a well polished game with a good movement and tight controls. However, there are a few glitches I encountered(there's a sequence break I found, and one of the samurai ended up falling through the floor after I had killed everything and needed to beat him to proceed). This could be alleviated by some form of "pause" or "menu" button, which should be added regardless of glitches

This game is really fun, and I enjoyed my time playing it. As far as criticisms go, the only major concern(there are a couple other minor ones but I don't want to sound overly negative) I have is that if this game is ever made into a full thing it should get a new name. It's not that I don't like the name, but rather that it makes it incredibly difficult to find with any kind of search function.