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Thank you for always trying to do your best <3 It was pretty amazing. Sometimes I think I'm broken because I don't feel any sexual attraction, I can't even understand if someone is flirting with me. This felt so, so, so right. Thank you so much. <3

Finally, I had the time to play a year of springs and it is such a wonderful and lovely game. Especially the story of Manami felt so true to me as I'm asexual and I experienced some of the situations as well. Thank you for creating such amazing little games <3

Hi there,

thank you for creating such a wonderful and enjoyable game. <3 We wrote a German review about it:

Hi there, 

thank you for creating this game, I enjoyed it a lot - even if I'm too soft :D

I wrote a German review for the game:

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed Koi Farm on Steam a lot and wanted to share my review with you. It's written in German, but I hope it will support you anyways :)

I published the review at Gamer's Palace, a German blog mostly about indie games. 

Full review.

Your producer is a musical genius and the game is amazing. <3

I featured you guys in our weekly "That's new and cool on" - it's in German, but it literally says the same as I did before. Keep up the brillant work :)

Oh wow! I played a lot and very different Covid games since last year, but this one is one of the best I played. An amazing soundtrack! It is pretty important that we have such games for the future, to remember what we all experienced. Thank you so much for making it. <3

Such a lovely little game! Thank you for creating it :)

What a lovely and wonderful little game <3 That's the content, I'm here for. Thank you for creating it. 

I wrote a German review about this little gem:

This is such a little wonderful gem <3 Thank you for creating such amazing games.

I wrote a German review about it:

This was an amazing play! I enjoyed it very much and hat a lot of fun. Great job, pals :)

I wrote a German review about it:

This is a very lovely little game. I wrote a review in German about it :) Thank you for making this wonderful game <3

I really love this game! It's kind of addicting. I even wrote a review in German about it. Here's the link, if you want to read it. bloks is a very lovely and wonderful game, thank you for making ist <3

Hey, das ist schon ein paar Jahre hier, aber ich habe es gerade erst gefunden. Klasse umgesetzt! Ich spiele gleich noch eine Runde :)

This is so cute, thank you for creating it :)

Thank you for your reply :) I just found out, what happened: Normally, I'm using the itch app to download and play games, but this one is blocked or something like this. When I'm using the normal browser version, everything is fine. I just downloaded it :)

Hmm, I'm getting an error when I want to download your game. I even paid you a bit for it, but now I can't play it :( Could you please check this out? 

Such a lovely little game :) Thank you for making it.

Oh my god, this is absolutely adorable! My pigeon is sitting on the right upper corner and watchting my doing. Awesome! Thank you.

What a wonderful experience! I like to make sounds with the little Pengu. "Quak" :D Very relaxing. Thank you for making this little game.

Wow! Such a wonderful little gem! I didn't expect the ending, but it was a great experience! I will write a review on our German blog pretty soon and rate this game afterwards. Thank you, guys.

Such a lovely and wonderful experience <3

A wonderful and lovely little game. It's too sad that it's that short :)