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This looks pretty cool! It will be featured in our next playdate article, which will be out on 31st of May <3

What a beautiful little game <3 I played it in browser, and after that I decided to buy it. Thank you so much, you are doing a great work, very sweet and nice and loevely little games. <3

Of course, I will <3 Your work looks pretty awesome, I will check out your other projects as well.

Wow! This was a very relaxing experience <3 Thank you so much for creating this and I will feature Air Garden in our next <3

Oh my gosh, this made me cry. What a wonderful story you created, kc. It's really something, like all of your stories. Great job <3

Such a sweet little game <3

What a wonderful experience! Half the time I didn't know what I was signing exactly :D Thank you for letting me help Baba doing the taxes.

Wow! What a wonderful little adventure! Thank you for making me smile during and after playing A Winding Path. Can't wait to play the Nintendo Switch version later this year.

I wrote a little review on our gaming blog: 

Hi there! 

What a lovely little game. I had a lot of fun, bringing cargo to other places and to hire crew mates :) I just had a question: Will there be an update to buy fruits for example, medizine or rum to make sure no one is "missing" during the times on sea? Keep up the good work!

What a wonderful game! Lovely little demo, I hope there will be more soon as it was stated during Wholesome direct <3 Can't wait to play further.

This looks pretty amazing! I didn't know I needed this game, but it is a wholesome experience just to skate and to relax. Thank you, keep up the good work! :)

Today, I used your game to say goodbye to our rat Moritz. She passed away a few months ago, but I couldn't say goodbye until now. Thank you for making such a wonderful experience.

Thank you for creating such a lovely little game. I just reviewed the Switch version and wanted to share my review (nothing to worry, I'm going to rate your game here immediately :)): 

Good job :)

Wow! This is an amazing game and I kind of needed it. It helped me laugh during a very hard, mental period. Thank you for creating it and I even wrote a review in German (and rated it here at itch ;):

Wow, that was intense and reminded me of my first breakup :( Thank you for this little and special experience, good job.

Thank you for always trying to do your best <3 It was pretty amazing. Sometimes I think I'm broken because I don't feel any sexual attraction, I can't even understand if someone is flirting with me. This felt so, so, so right. Thank you so much. <3

Finally, I had the time to play a year of springs and it is such a wonderful and lovely game. Especially the story of Manami felt so true to me as I'm asexual and I experienced some of the situations as well. Thank you for creating such amazing little games <3

Hi there,

thank you for creating such a wonderful and enjoyable game. <3 We wrote a German review about it:

Hi there, 

thank you for creating this game, I enjoyed it a lot - even if I'm too soft :D

I wrote a German review for the game:

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed Koi Farm on Steam a lot and wanted to share my review with you. It's written in German, but I hope it will support you anyways :)

I published the review at Gamer's Palace, a German blog mostly about indie games. 

Full review.

Your producer is a musical genius and the game is amazing. <3

I featured you guys in our weekly "That's new and cool on" - it's in German, but it literally says the same as I did before. Keep up the brillant work :)

Oh wow! I played a lot and very different Covid games since last year, but this one is one of the best I played. An amazing soundtrack! It is pretty important that we have such games for the future, to remember what we all experienced. Thank you so much for making it. <3

Such a lovely little game! Thank you for creating it :)

What a lovely and wonderful little game <3 That's the content, I'm here for. Thank you for creating it. 

I wrote a German review about this little gem:

This is such a little wonderful gem <3 Thank you for creating such amazing games.

I wrote a German review about it:

This was an amazing play! I enjoyed it very much and hat a lot of fun. Great job, pals :)

I wrote a German review about it:

This is a very lovely little game. I wrote a review in German about it :) Thank you for making this wonderful game <3

I really love this game! It's kind of addicting. I even wrote a review in German about it. Here's the link, if you want to read it. bloks is a very lovely and wonderful game, thank you for making ist <3

Hey, das ist schon ein paar Jahre hier, aber ich habe es gerade erst gefunden. Klasse umgesetzt! Ich spiele gleich noch eine Runde :)

This is so cute, thank you for creating it :)

Thank you for your reply :) I just found out, what happened: Normally, I'm using the itch app to download and play games, but this one is blocked or something like this. When I'm using the normal browser version, everything is fine. I just downloaded it :)

Hmm, I'm getting an error when I want to download your game. I even paid you a bit for it, but now I can't play it :( Could you please check this out? 

Such a lovely little game :) Thank you for making it.

Oh my god, this is absolutely adorable! My pigeon is sitting on the right upper corner and watchting my doing. Awesome! Thank you.

What a wonderful experience! I like to make sounds with the little Pengu. "Quak" :D Very relaxing. Thank you for making this little game.

Wow! Such a wonderful little gem! I didn't expect the ending, but it was a great experience! I will write a review on our German blog pretty soon and rate this game afterwards. Thank you, guys.

Such a lovely and wonderful experience <3

A wonderful and lovely little game. It's too sad that it's that short :)