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I would say that softwares can be made beefier when compared to web apps.

sure there are webapps like google docs, slides etc however they are still far away from what word and powepoint can do.

web version would also lag a lot as they are accessing resources through browser and not natively. 

There’s also a cost factor. A web version would requests assets on every load vs a native software would have most things present and ready.

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Very interesting project. I hope it takes off

I have couple of questions and suggestions regarding the game.


1. Do you collect any data? This is from privacy perspective.

2. Are the prices shown in the simulator dummy or real ( real data but anonymized). I think real data would be more beneficial. Your marketing doesn’t mention anything refactoring this.


Could you extend this to be a fundamental analysis game too? May be it’s too much.

You get rewards as you read fundamentals analysis concepts ( investopedia has a lot here)