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*aggressively spooky dances*

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Brian, Destroyer of worlds

everybody sayin when is ritz gonna be in fnf they never ask about him


there's a secret skin in here for those who want to try and find it

I did make the art myself, thank you

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Thanks for the suggestions and the comments!

just to clarify

  • I tried making a score counter during the game's development before it was submitted and I couldn't get it to work so I scrapped it
  • I'm not good at making music but if I find out a good program to use I will add some
  • I also tried making the flame smaller but nothing would work so I scrapped that too

I will eventually come around to making some of those suggestions work but I'm not sure how well I can do some of them (if possible)

and it was fun to participate in the jam!


the lizard or whateverin the demonstration gif is adorable

so i played the tricky mod (Friday Night Funkin) both songs on normal and this happened

if you hover your mouse on the top right of ur screen a gear pops up that you can click on

this is pretty fun, nice job!


im new to game making and game jams so if i did something that didnt follow the rules let me know i will fix it

ignore the placeholder text on the side I didn't have enough time to make a turret texture before the deadline smh, I hope u enjoy the game though!

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